The CAAM inaugurates the first retrospective exhibition of the painter from La Palma José Martín

The Atlantic Center of Modern Art (CAAM) This year's new exhibition block opens to the public today with four exhibitions, among which the most outstanding the first major retrospective dedicated to the Canarian painter José Martín, a singular artist situated on the margins of the art system, that until now has not had the knowledge and recognition that his work deserves.

Along with this exhibition, the art center presents three other exhibitions with different museographic re-readings of the CAAM Collection that seek to value this artistic heritage that belongs to the public: In dialogue with José Martín, an attractive selection of works by 25 national and international artists who dialogue with the artistic universe of the painter from La Palma; Acquisitions, with the last nine works acquired by CAAM for its funds, and Lola Massieu / Miró Mainou. Tribute 1921-2021, which pays tribute to these two figures of art in the Canary Islands on the occasion of the centenary of their birth.

Jose martin is a research project curated by the Canarian historian and teacher, Celestino Celso Hernández, which brings together more than a hundred works by the artist José Martín (La Palma, 1922-1996), from private collectors and from public and private institutions, as well as personal belongings and documentation about the painter. It also incorporates an audiovisual work by the independent Canarian filmmaker, Miguel G. Morales, which shows the result of a research process around the figure and the work of the painter.

This retrospective is a new CAAM production, in collaboration with the CajaCanarias Foundation, that is part of the commitment of this art center of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria to investigate and give visibility to relevant figures in the construction of the contemporary artistic avant-garde of the Canary Islands. The project can be visited from August 5 to October 24, 2021, with free admission.

Jose martin It is structured around the thematic axes that are present in the work of the painter from La Palma: death, desire, love, dream spaces or landscapes. It is a retrospective journey that analyzes both the formal evolution of his artistic production, endowed with an unmistakable stamp, as well as unconventional concerns, characters and ideas for the society of the time, which crystallized in a bold creative discourse with a very personal vision, dreamlike and idealized of the reality and customs of the historical period in which he lived.

A dialogue with the funds

This retrospective is exhibited in parallel to the exhibition In dialogue with José Martín, made up of a selection of fifty works from the CAAM Collection that dialogue in the museum space with the artistic universe of the Canarian painter and aims to create a parallel environment close to his work.

Curated by Orlando Britto Jinorio and Mari Carmen Rodríguez, director and curator of CAAM respectively, the exhibition includes works of different styles and techniques, signed by 25 artists from the Canarian, national and international context: Among-Tea, Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Cándido Camacho, Hannah Collins, Teresa Correa, Carmen Cologan, José Dámaso, Paco Juan Déniz, Leopoldo Emperador, Alberto Gálvez, María Gómez, Juan Hidalgo, Mwangi Hutter, Juan Ismael, Vicente López, Martín y Sicilia, Masbedo, Carlos Matallana, Manuel Ocampo, Jorge Oramas , Yapci Ramos, Marina Vargas, Domingo Vega, Salvo and Ray Smith.

The latest acquisitions

The third exhibition proposal this summer at CAAM is Acquisitions, a presentation of the nine works of art acquired by this Museum for its funds. They are creations in varied formats -painting, sculpture, photography, printed paper and installation-, by eight artists from the Canary Islands and from the European, American and African sphere: Esther Ferrer, María Gimeno, Richard Hamilton, Juan Ismael, Lorena Morin, Miguel Rio Branco, Pilar Rodiles and Dagoberto Rodríguez.

With this exhibition, CAAM continues its work of disseminating contemporary creation in the Islands and bringing to the public the artistic treasures that are the patrimony of the citizens of Gran Canaria and that this cultural institution must safeguard, preserve and disseminate.

Tribute to two artists

The new summer exhibition block at CAAM is crowned with the exhibition Lola Massieu / Miró Mainou. Tribute 1921-2021 with which the art center pays tribute to these two essential figures of contemporary art in the archipelago, coinciding with the centenary of their birth.

This exhibition, which can be visited at the CAAM-San Antonio Abad space, brings together works by each artist present in the Center's funds, and is completed with three other audiovisual pieces dedicated to the figure of Lola Massieu and Miró Mainou. In its commitment to preserve and disseminate its heritage funds, the CAAM values ​​the work of two fundamental artists in contemporary creation in the Canary Islands.

The four new exhibitions can be visited this summer, with free admission, during the usual hours of the CAAM, from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. In this exceptional context of a pandemic, safe culture health protocols continue to be mandatory for visitors and staff at the Center, and include temperature control, hand hygiene and interpersonal distance.


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