April 15, 2021

The CAAM discovers the annual program that commemorates its 30th anniversary – The Province

The CAAM discovers the annual program that commemorates its 30th anniversary - The Province

The Atlantic Center of Modern Art (CAAM) has presented its program of exhibitions and activities this year, marked by the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of this contemporary art center of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, which was inaugurated on December 4, 1989, becoming one of the first to be created in Spain, after the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, which opened in 1986, or the IVAM in Valencia, also opened in 1989.

Thirty years later, the CAAM celebrates its thirtieth anniversary with a special program that includes 15 exhibitions, among which stands out the great retrospective exhibition dedicated to the artist César Manrique, in addition to almost a hundred of multidisciplinary activities linked to contemporary culture, ranging from guided tours, concerts or literary meetings, to conferences, performances, workshops, seminars, lectures-colloquium, among others.

Tribute to César Manrique

The main headquarters of the CAAM, after its closure to the public for refurbishment of its air conditioning and lighting installation, is scheduled its reopening on March 28 with the inauguration of the great retrospective project Universe Manrique, with which the Cabildo de Gran Canaria pays homage to the figure and artistic legacy of the great César Manrique, coinciding also with the commemoration of the first centenary of the artist's birth.

This exhibition, curated by the Swiss specialist Katrin Steffen, can be visited from March 28 until the end of September of this year in the four floors of the CAAM. It is a novelty to cover all the creative facets and commitment and activism for the environmental sustainability of Manrique, a work that has continued the Foundation César Manrique de Lanzarote, fundamental collaborator of this exhibition, with which the art center has maintained a permanent dialogue and dialogue.

Universe Manrique It has a marked multidisciplinary face and has been articulated from the premises of Manrique as a total artist. The project will reflect the multifaceted figure of Manrique as a painter, sculptor, draftsman, landscape architect, interior designer or environmental activist and will give visibility to three fundamental realities that are intertwined in the exhibition: the development of his plastico work, his biography. and his unique architectonic work and of design, with special emphasis? in its ecological architecture.

"With this exhibition," said the president of the CAAM and Minister of Culture of the Gran Canaria Cabildo, Carlos Ruiz Moreno, "We pay tribute to the most relevant Canarian artist of the 20th century and settle a historical debt that the CAAM has maintained with this creator, whose spectrum of work and artistic, ecologic and urban action makes him a unique, unrepeatable character, and his legacy is fundamental both for the present and for generations to come. "
César Manrique, emphasizes the Minister of Culture of the Insular Institution, "has taught us that since the creation of artisanship the environment can be preserved and also generate a sustainable economy".

The director of the CAAM, Orlando Britto Jinorio, meanwhile, explains that the exhibition is presented "as a cultural milestone of international scope, as the centenary of the artist coincides with the 30th anniversary of the founding of the CAAM". The exhibition "will count with varied resources, such as models, dioramas, videos or photographs," that will immerse the visitor in an experience around this unforgettable artist, humanist and activist ".

Masterpiece of the Prado Museum

Another one of the milestones of this year of commemorations comes from the National Museum of the Prado, that has chosen the CAAM among all the museums of the Canary Islands to exhibit one of the masterpieces of its collection, Blind man playing the hurdy-gurdy of the French teacher Georges de La Tour, in the context of the initiative Touring Spain, one of the most outstanding projects of the program that the art gallery has organized to commemorate the bicentennial of its foundation.

For CAAM, said its director, it is a "true honor" to welcome this magnificent creation of Baroque painting, an oil painting that is usually exhibited in one of the rooms that host the permanent collection of the Madrid art gallery and that the public can admire at the CAAM from June 4 to June 30, 2019.

After the summer, also at the CAAM headquarters, the three exhibitions planned last year are exhibited and postponed due to the works in the center. These are the individual exhibitions dedicated to the artist of La Réunion (France) Jack Beng-Thi, curated by Orlando Britto Jinorio and Nilo Palenzuela, and the Spanish artist Esther Ferrer, one of the most outstanding figures of Spanish and international conceptual art, under the curator of Carlos Díaz-Bertrana. Both projects will coexist, from October to January of 2020, with the collective of contemporary artists from the Canary Islands, No news, good news, articulated with works by Luna Bengoechea, Néstor Delgado, Paco Guillén, Beatriz Lecuona & Óscar Hernández – Israel Pérez & María Requena, Juan José Valencia & Lena Peñate Spicer and Diego Vites.

Likewise, the main headquarters of the CAAM this year hosts the Artists in Residence program, which continues, for the third consecutive year, in a bid to promote artistic creation and research activity and contribute to giving visibility to the work of creators and creators of the Canary Islands and from the rest of Spain. In this edition of 2019 two places have been called for artists from the Islands and two other places for artists from the rest of the national territory, with the purpose of encouraging shared residences to become spaces for dialogue and coexistence. The deadline for submitting applications ends on February 14, 2019.

CAAM-San Antonio Abad

In the San Antonio Abad space of CAAM you can admire this year three other interesting solo exhibitions that will star the Canarian artist Yapci Ramos, who presents from March to June the exhibition Know Us curated by Yolanda Peralta, in collaboration with the TEA and Casa África; the Venezuelan creator based in Berlin, Marcos Montiel-Soto, who exhibits from July to October Sea sickness towards a sad tropic curated by Lidia Gil, and the Barcelona-based artist living in Amsterdam, Alicia Framis, with the exhibition Loaders-Carriers, from November to February 2020.

Balance the CAAM Collection

The third exhibition space of the CAAM, the rooms of Los Balcones 9, hosts five small-format exhibitions this year. The first is Symmetries CAAM Collection, which brings together a selection of works that have been recently acquired and have become part of CAAM funds. They are pieces of six creators, of different generations and nationalities, signed by the Algerian Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Claudia Casarino, Teresa Correa and Concha Jerez, Fatima Mazmouz and Raquel Paiewonsky.

The works of this exhibition "are the testimony of the will and commitment of this institution to balance funds in which artists have been and are represented in a smaller percentage than artists," said the director of CAAM. This exhibition, 'Symmetries. CAAM Collection ', opens this Thursday, February 7, at 8:30 p.m.

In this same space of Balcones 9 the CAAM will exhibit this year the third edition of the 'Espacio CV' project with works by young artists from the Canary Islands, as well as a new edition of 'Territorio CAAM', which will bring together works by students of the School of Art and Superior of Design Gran Canaria, inspired by the exhibition 'Universe Manrique'.

Finally, in the rooms of Los Balcones 9 you can also visit this year's exhibition 30th Anniversary CAAM It will be inaugurated on December 4, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the art center, which will consist of a selection of photographs of the history of CAAM, with special emphasis on the graphic documentation of photographer Nacho González, where the most important moments are reflected. highlights of the thirty years of life of this art center.


It should be remembered that the CAAM's management budget for the current financial year of 2019 has not changed with respect to 2018 and stands at 3,700,000 euros.


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