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The boats 'Butxaca', 'Chance V', 'Folelé', 'Nona IX' and 'Tamarán Uno', winners in their respective categories, inscribed their name in the winners of the Princess of Asturias Trophy in the thirtieth edition of the cruise event organized by the Royal Yacht Club of Gran Canaria, and that ended this Sunday in the waters of the bay of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

"We thought we were going to make a room and we won the general of our class"Alejandro de Juan, the bow of the Butxaca by Joaquín Blanco, when he won the ORC 2-3 class. It was not for less, they had surpassed two of those indicated as clear favorites to victory, the 'Dragohome' and the 'Star', second and third respectively in the final classification. Also highlight the fourth place of 'Jilorio' by Laureano Romero.

The coastal race with which he concluded the Princess of Asturias Trophy, held this Sunday, it was spectacular due to the tightness of the maneuvers between which the winning podium was played.

The morning did not promise much in terms of conditions, because it painted that the wind was going to be weaker than on Saturday. But with a fairly stable tightness in intensity towards the unmarking buoy, it went up a couple of knots until 12 and finished in a second girdle from the La Laja area to the exciting Sports Dock.

The exciting fight of the X-32 'Jilorio' and 'Butxaca' allowed them to cut distances with respect to the X-37 'Estrella Damm' and 'Dragohomes'. The most decisive moment came when, once the leeward buoy was mounted and the 'Jilorio' went first, a successful return to the ground of Joaquín Blanco's boat allowed him to cut past his twin and scratch up to two minutes on the ship Laureano Romero, leaving the 'Dragohomes' a minute and then the 'Damm Star'.

With these partials, el Butxaca, from the RC Nautico de Gran Canaria, won the general of the ORC class 2-3, followed by Dragohomes by Lucio Pérez Aranaz (RC Nautico de Tenerife) and the 'Estrella Damm' by Nacho Montes and Adolfo López (Real Club Marítimo de Punta Umbría).

In the class ORC 4, Ricardo Seco's 'Chance V' prevailed having his first three in front of the 'Elf' Eduardo Olmos, who despite being fourth in the coastal race this Sunday took a valuable point in general at 'Alpispa 2' by Francisco Olivares.

In the class ORC 5, the 'Folelé' by Begoña Abrante He also held an impeccable championship and with the first three he won this category ahead of 'Plover 'by Eduardo Bordes and of 'Azenit' by Miguel Cantero, second and third respectively.

In the Class E, the 'Nona IX' he won without problems in general, while the 'Tamarán Uno' de Román Pérez did the same in E-2.

After the regatta the awards with the presence of the Minister of Sports of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Francisco Castellano, the head of the Naval Base of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Jose Maria Ripoll, the president of the Canarian Candle Federation, Joaquin White, and the vice president of the Insular Federation of Sailing of Gran Canaria, Eugenia Cantero, as well as part of the board of directors of the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria headed by its president, Maica López Galán.

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