August 8, 2020

The butane bottle rises again for eight million consumers

It will cost 13.37 euros, 4.95%, and will be at its highest level since March last year

The average price of the 12.5 kilo butane bottle will rise 4.95% from next Tuesday, January 21, standing at 13.37 euros, compared to 12.74 euros of the maximum current price, as reported by sources of the Ministry for Ecological Transition. This increase, which brings the price of the butane bottle to its highest level since March of last year (13.86 euros), is due to the sharp rise in the prices of the raw material (+ 12.56%) and the increase in freight rates (+ 6.92%) compared to the previous two-month period. In this way, the price of the butane bottle chains your second consecutive rise, after the one registered last November, when a 4.86% increase. November was the first of the increases in the price of the butane bottle in all of 2019, after having registered a total of five consecutive drops.

The regulated price affects the butane cylinders that households most commonly use, containers with a load equal to or greater than eight kilograms and less than 20 kilos. About eight million people use the butane bottle in Spain. The new price of the butane bottle will be valid for two months, until the third Tuesday of next March, when it will be reviewed again.

On the other hand, the sale prices of the channeled LPG will also register a rise for a type consumer (500 kg), with an increase in its after-tax bill of 5.3% compared to the prices in force. This increase is due to the increase compared to the previous month of the international price of propane (+ 15.5%) and butane (+ 3.3%).


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