The businessman Rafael Palencia dies, who admitted payments to box B of the PP

The businessman Rafael Palencia, former president of Degremont, who reported in a recording the payments to box B of the PP and was investigated in ‘the Bárcenas papers’, died on October 14 at the age of 84, as reported by this Monday the magistrate of the National Court Santiago Pedraz, head of the Central Court of Instruction 5, to the Prosecutor’s Office and has collected The country.

Already on August 30, the judge requested a medical report on Palencia’s state of health due to the possibility that his “intellectual and volitional” faculties were diminished by his illness. The businessman recounted in a recording in 2008 a system of fixing public contracts in exchange for donations to the Popular Party. The audio was allegedly used to blackmail Mariano Rajoy.

The then head of the Court, Judge José de la Mata, who was investigating box B, had access to Palencia’s conversation and incorporated the recording as evidence.

Judge Pedraz has ordered that the information be transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office “for their knowledge and for the appropriate legal purposes,” reports El País.


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