October 27, 2020

The businessman and Vox deputy who leads his new union is accused of “stealing” the idea from grassroots militants

Businessman who believes that “the rich are rich by nature”, from the hardest line of Vox in Andalusia and disapproved of anti-union behavior by the Andalusian Parliament. This is Rodrigo Alonso, the Vox deputy appointed to lead the Solidarity union that launched the far-right formation this week and whose president, Santiago Abascal, presented on Monday. Even so, in the party they insist that Solidaridad “is not the Vox union”, that it is “independent”. The new union leader opens with controversy: party activists accuse him of having “stolen” their idea from the union, a proposal that they developed for him to communicate to the Vox management in Madrid, as La Voz de Almería has advanced and one of the affected persons has reported to elDiario.es.

Vox-linked union sued for plagiarism: "Solidarity has nothing to do with macho, neo-Franco, far-right and authoritarian"

The union linked to Vox sued for plagiarism: “Solidarity has nothing to do with sexists, neo-Francoists, far-rightists and authoritarians”

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When in july Santiago Abascal announced that Vox would promote a union to “protect Spanish workers and their families”, those responsible for the Spanish Workers Association (TRAES) did not leave their astonishment. “I wrote a WhatsApp to Rodrigo telling him that this was our project, because I called him but he did not pick up the phone,” explains this person, who asks to remain anonymous.

Months before, together with two people from Almeria more related to the party (two of them are militants), he contacted Rodrigo Alonso to present his project to promote a state union from Vox “that would break with the traditional unions that we have,” he says. They created the organization Trabajadores de España (TRAES), as shown in the documentation provided to elDiario.es, with the intention that “a union at the state level would be promoted from the party leadership and that there would be recognition that the project came from Almería “, Add.

They went to Rodrigo Alonso because the Andalusian deputy leads the manager that Vox directs at the moment in Almería. “They had not told us well about this man, but as he was in charge of the party here, we decided to speak with him,” they explain in TRAES.

In May, Alonso contacted those responsible for the association so that they could send him again the documentation on the union, which he had supposedly already transferred “to Madrid”, but had lost it on his computer. “It is possible that this matter could have a boost,” Rodrigo Alonso writes to one of the people responsible for TRAES, according to WhatsApp screenshots sent to this medium.

“From then on, without an answer. We didn’t hear from him until one day we saw Santiago Abascal announce the union. I called Rodrigo, I wrote to him, but nothing. Then he called me to try to ridicule me. He told me what did he believe me, that many more people had had this idea and things like that. What I know is that we explained the idea of ​​the union to him, we sent him all the documentation and then Abascal announced the same project and, to our surprise, Rodrigo Alonso is the general secretary. Without recognizing or telling us anything, that the union is similar even in name, “criticizes this person. Although in Vox they usually refer to the new union as Solidarity, its official name is Union for the Defense of the Solidarity of the Workers of Spain. The name of the Vox union organization has brought a tail, with a complaint from the Solidaridad Obrera union for plagiarism.

“This man is a rotten apple and you have to expose it, notify the party leadership so that they know how it is and that someone like this is not appropriate, neither in Andalusia nor anywhere,” says this person, who trusts that Vox will act against Rodrigo Alonso.

elDiario.es has tried to contact the general secretary of Solidarity through the union, his e-mail and the party press, but has not obtained a response by any means.

Vox hardline in Parliament

Rodrigo Alonso appears on the Vox website as a native of Antas (Almería), graduated in Business Administration from the University of Granada and “telecommunications and digital marketing entrepreneur”. Was one of the first 12 deputies of Vox who entered the Parliament of Andalusia, a party to which he joined after his time in the PP, with which he was councilor for Finance in the Antas City Council. Abascal’s man in Almería, from the hardest line of Vox, those who know the parliamentary group assure that Alonso is one of those with the easy outburst, which is replicated by the media and resonates a lot in Madrid, where he sometimes receives more support than between yours from the Andalusian courts.

“Forget about the rich. The rich are rich by nature and we can do nothing,” he said in his opposition speech in the Andalusian Parliament to a non-law proposal by Adelante Andalucía to introduce a tax on banking. Now, Rodrigo Alonso says that Solidaridad will defend the workers from the “corrupt unions” that are “subject to the power of the Ibex 35,” he delivered in his first speech as the organization’s general secretary. The rhetoric of the Vox union speaks of fighting against the oligarchies and criticizes multinationals that do not pay taxes in Spain, but In practice, Santiago Abascal’s party votes in Congress against measures such as the tax on technology, also known as ‘Google rate’.

Also noteworthy is the choice of Alonso to head the union, since the businessman has been known precisely for his anti-union behavior. The deputy of Antas tore, crumpled and threw some posters from the board of the CGT union section in the Andalusian courts, an act by which the Permanent Delegation Board agreed to reproach his actions on January 24, according to the notification that he has been able to consult this medium. “The table told us that the deputy’s performance was censored and he was ordered not to repeat the events.

“Given the seriousness of what he did, which involves violating freedom of association, we believe that something else could have been done, apply the disciplinary regime,” they argue from the CGT section in the Andalusian Parliament. In addition, the union presented the facts before the General Prosecutor of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia. “But we still have not had any answer about it,” they add in the anarcho-syndicalist organization.

‘I order and command’ in Solidarity

Rodrigo Alonso has explained that he will maintain his status as a deputy in the Andalusian Parliament and that he will dedicate only his “free time” to the new Vox union. A complicated task given the numerous attributions that the statutes of Solidarity designate to the secretary general, with almost all the power of direction and command over the organization, except for a few tasks that he shares with the figure of the treasurer.

The general secretary is in charge of legally representing the union; summon, preside over and adjourn sessions of the General Assembly of Solidarity; order payments to the treasurer; plan and direct the actions of the workers’ organization; take decisions on the acquisition of assets by the union; “keep accounting books up to date” and “collect and guard the funds belonging to the union”, among many other duties.

The structure of the union greatly limits the possibilities of criticism and internal democracy within Solidaridad and facilitates the ‘command and command’ of the leader. In this case, Rodrigo Alonso. The general secretary has to approve the union sections or groups that want to be formed in a workplace and is also the person who chooses the members of the Guarantees Committee, which is the control body for internal disciplinary measures “both of a nature individual on the affiliates, as of collective character of the union sections or provincial associations “, collect the statutes.

Although the statutes establish that the general secretary must be elected by “free, direct and secret voting”, elDiario.es has not been able to get Vox to answer who has named Rodrigo Alonso as leader. In a recent interview in La Razón, the Andalusian deputy thanked the “steering committee” for his choice. According to official information, the union was registered by Santiago Alarcón Gordon, a lawyer for the Grupo Area firm and consultancy who specializes in taxation and tax advice. The three people who appear as “promoters” of the union, who sign the statutes, are “Paula Bernardina Hidalgo de La Cruz, Raquel Moreno Barba and Ángel García Ochoa”, among which Raquel Moreno stands out, for being a Vox councilor in the municipality Madrid from Torres de Alameda and being one of the people who spoke at the presentation of the organization last Monday.

In the hands of the general secretary there is also the possibility that Solidaridad receives donations and subsidies, a means of financing that the statutes of Solidarity endorse, despite the fact that the public discourse of the union always defends that it will only be financed from the fees of its members. Vox also rejected subsidies to political parties, but he accepted them when he obtained representation in the Congress of Deputies. Time will tell if the same thing happens with the sister union of Abascal’s party, which first has to achieve sufficient representation among workers to be eligible for public funds.


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