April 20, 2021

The business that huddles in the heat of tradition

The business that huddles in the heat of tradition


People say that Grazalema It is the rainiest town in Spain, which means that its pastures are well fed and give very good wool. For many this is one of the secrets of the quality of their blankets, cleaner wool and higher quality than in other areas. It is your differentiating factor, as it is the seal of the craft tradition that is printed in the elaboration of these garments characteristic of the Cadiz mountains.

During the 18th century and the first part of the 19th century, Grazalema was a leading town in the province of Cádiz for its wool products. Enrique Romero de Torres tells how, before the fire that destroyed the municipal archive of the town, it contained a royal decree according to which Philip V had granted privileges to the craftsmen who made textiles and wool products.

In Grazalema there are not as many factories left as then, but they continue weaving those renowned cloths and blankets with absolute fidelity to tradition. This is what he does Mantas Grazalema, a small company of ten workers founded by José Mario Sánchez, where the manufacturing process, which begins with weaving, tying, weaving, beating and perching, is in the hands of weavers and finishers of products of quality wool, which gives its pieces that characteristic air of distinction.

This SME has clients in Berlin, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam or London
This SME has clients from Berlin, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam or London – ABC

Mario Sánchez, general director of the Andalusian firm and son of the founder, assures that lThe current factory was built at the beginning of the 20th century. He relates that the arrival of electricity to the town in the middle of the last century was an important technological advance for the time since until then it was the hydraulic power that drove the machinery. It was in the eighties when the annexed ship was built in which the blankets are currently produced.

Mantas Grazalema has achieved that its garments are recognized in international markets. Have customers in Berlin, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, London and until recently in Tokyo, although transport costs made it impossible for the relationships to be maintained. The firm also has major distributors in France and Switzerland and have recently signed an agreement to manufacture their "plaids" at the foot of a bed. Luxury hotel in Norway. The Majestic Hotel in Barcelona is a regular client for bed blankets.

International flip

But since tradition is not at odds with modernity, the Cádiz-based brand has diversified and also manufactures wool scarves, which two Spanish brands with international presence. She distributes her footpegs and ponchos to wholesalers of the horse world and has also focused on women's accessories. Explains Mario Sánchez that Mantas Grazalema has a range of women's accessories among which stand out wool ponchos and layers, plus scarves and shawls as main accessories. The ties, dancers and soon belts complete the portfolio of fashion accessories in wool.

Sanchez says that in recent years the online store and the possibility of customize the blankets with an embroidered name "has caused consumption to increase especially in winter, and in times before Christmas." He points out that the quality and softness of the blanket accompanied by a good presentation in individual boxes make the product has been very well received on the network.


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