April 21, 2021

The bulls of Victorino and the reappearance of Paco Ureña, inducements of the Fallas | Culture

The bulls of Victorino and the reappearance of Paco Ureña, inducements of the Fallas | Culture

In a multitudinous act, with the assistance of several of the protagonists, such as El Fandi, Diego Urdiales, Fortes, Jesus Chover, Toñete, the Miguelville and Borja Collado novilleros, the rejoneadores Sergio Galán and Leonardo Hernández and the breeders Victorino Martín, Juan Pedro Domecq and Victoriano del Rio, representatives of the company -with Simon Casas at the helm- and the presence of Toni Gaspar, President of the Provincial Council, presented the combinations of the next Fallas Fair that will consist of eight bullfights, one more that in the last edition, two novilladas with picadors, a celebration of rejoneo and a novillada of promotion. The cycle will begin on Saturday, March 9 and end on the 19th, the feast of San José.

The first and only livestock impact involves the return to Valencia, after several years absent, of Victorino Martín, who will open the fertilizer, while the other farms are a repetition of those of previous years, without any novelty in this regard. Of the livestock list, except Alcurrucén and Fuente Ymbro, the rest are the usual currencies with which the figures are usually protected. Of the 23 positions at stake, only Ponce will double, with a second afternoon that has raised controversy over the composition of the poster and announced livestock. The list of figures is to the codend, with the sole absence of Morante for his refusal to the current system of televising the bullfights. All the figures, without exception, are agreed with the herds of their tastes, and wrapped between them, without highlighting any gesture on the part of anyone.

Along with the figures, the Fallas give entrance to winning swords last season. Thus, we appreciate the presence of Octavio Chacón, Pablo Aguado and Emilio de Justo, while also continuing the commitment to bullfighters such as Fortes, Álvaro Lorenzo, Román and Ginés Marín. It is less understood the presence of Toñete, especially for its inclusion in a very questioned poster. Other novelties are the presence of the Aztec Luis David and the Valencian Jesús Chover, who will take the alternative from the hands of El Juli.

One of the biggest attractions is the reappearance of Paco Ureña, after his very serious September mishap in Albacete. Ureña, with a large sign in Valencia, is placed with great luxury in this season ticket. Deserved.

The two novilladas have a strong Valencian accent, along with the reappeared Juan Cervera, the novels Miguelito and Borja Collado, debutantes with horses at the end of the last season, are the new hope of the Valencian fan. Both, who come from the Bullfighting School, will perform together with the Mexican Diego San Román, who made such a pleasant impression on his presentation at the last July Fair.

To illustrate the poster, a painting by photographer and painter Enrique Moratalla Barba, recently deceased and closely linked to Valencia, has been chosen.

The combinations are the following:

Saturday, March 9. Novillada of promotion with students of the bullfighting schools.

Sunday, March 10 Rafaelillo, Octavio Chacón and Fortes (Adolfo Martín bulls).

Monday, 11. Novillada. Jesús Cervera, Ángel Téllez and Francisco de Manuel (Guadajira bulls).

Tuesday, 12. Novillada. Diego San Román, Miguelito and Borja Collado (bulls from El Parralejo).

Wednesday, 13. Álvaro Lorenzo, Luis David and Pablo Aguado (bulls of Alcurrucén).

Thursday, 14. Antonio Ferrera, El Fandi and López Simón (bulls of Zalduendo).

Friday, 15. El Juli, Roca Rey and Jesús Chover, who will take the alternative (Victoriano del Rio bulls).

Saturday, 16. Enrique Ponce, José María Manzanares and Paco Ureña (Juan Pedro Domecq bulls).

Sunday, 17. Diego Urdiales, Sebastián Castella and Cayetano (Jandilla bulls).

Monday, 18. The rejoneador Diego Ventura, Enrique Ponce and Toñete (Los Espartales, for rejoneo, and García Jiménez).

Tuesday, 19. Tomorrow. Rejoneo show. Sergio Galán, Leonardo Hernández and Lea Vicens (bulls of Fermín Bohórquez).

Tuesday, 19. Afternoon. Emilio de Justo, Román and Ginés Marín (Fuente Ymbro bulls).


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