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Where are the bullfighters? Where are the entrepreneurs? And the ranchers? No hair is visible on any of them. Quiet, scared, hidden …

All doing the anti-bullfighting work; all watching from the railing how bullfighting sinks little by little, and they, in silence, timid, gagged, irresponsible, as if this story did not affect them.

The bullfighting festival has not experienced a more dramatic moment in all its history, and bullfighters are not lifting a finger to stop this perfect storm that seems designed by the most ferocious enemies of the show.

It is true that the solution to the unexpected pandemic is not in the hands of the bullfighters; It is true that the hope deposited in this year 2021 fades with the passing of days, but what has no explanation is that the world of the bull is disappeared and passive, waiting for the vaccine to return a normality that nobody knows when or how will it be possible.

The party is in real danger of disappearing; and this is more than enough reason for bullfighting as a whole to be on its feet, united and demanding before itself and before the different administrations in order to inject life into a dying show and in need of intensive care.

The bullfighting festival is in real danger of disappearing

A few days ago, actress Concha Velasco said at the Reina Victoria Theater in Madrid that, despite all the difficulties, the curtain had to be raised every afternoon so that the fans would not be lost. And there she was, at eighty-one years old, on stage.

In the bull, everyone is in his winter quarters, some more comfortable than others, but all waiting for circumstances and time to solve an increasingly complex and convoluted problem.

At this point in the calendar, for example, it is not at all clear that the squares of Madrid and Seville will open their doors at some point after a year of closure.

How is it possible that Simón Casas, Rafael García Garrido and Ramón Valencia have not yet expressed their firm intention to celebrate celebrations in Las Ventas and La Maestranza as an indispensable condition to maintain hope?

How can it be explained that bullfighting in its entirety is not on a war footing against the bullfighting Community of Madrid and the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla so that they, owners of the plazas, are the first interested in opening them?

Simón Casas, on the left, and Ramón Valencia, entrepreneurs from Las Ventas and La Maestranza, respectively.
Simón Casas, on the left, and Ramón Valencia, entrepreneurs from Las Ventas and La Maestranza, respectively.

Are the figures willing to charge less? And the ranchers? And the subordinates?

How is it that the diligent press departments of the bullfighters are not knocking on the doors of television shows to at least at least prove that bullfighting exists?

How is it that bullfighting does not rebel against this situation that seriously threatens to end the bullfight?

Someone tell who this party matters to.

This deafening silence that devastates current bullfighting is the best proof of the loneliness of a tradition that, today more than ever, seems destined to disappear due to the negligence of its protagonists.

Sector silence is more harmful than the pandemic

Because the pandemic is no longer the poison that is killing bullfighting; the enemy is the passivity of those who live from it.

By the way, there is a crisis committee, created last year to deal with the situation, made up of representatives from the different sectors.

For two days they have met in a Salamanca farm, and last Wednesday they released a statement, the content of which is more than enough to run headlong down Alcalá Street above all the participants.

The Toro de Lidia Foundation, issuer of the note, says in its heading that the objective of the meeting was to analyze the beginning of the bullfighting season.

The full text of it is as follows:

“The Crisis Committee, according to the meeting’s agenda, has adopted a series of conclusions, for approval by the different associations:

1. With a view to being able to face the difficult situation, the committee is restructured into a permanent commission for the sector, agreeing to expand its composition so that it is more representative, while maintaining the necessary operational flexibility.

2. Analysis of the 2020 Reconstruction Tour project:

-Review of accounts, which will be made public as soon as the cycle closes with the two postponed bullfights.

-Study of the application of the funds generated with the Reconstruction Tour.

3. Establishment of the bases for the Reconstruction Tour in 2021, until the beginning of ordinary activity.

4. Commitment of the parties to adapt, as far as possible, the activity to the sanitary limitations.

5. Analysis of the measures to be adopted for the renewal and reactivation of the bullfighting sector.

The meeting has been held with the knowledge of the health authority and in strict compliance with current regulations ”.

According to the Efe agency, those attending the meeting were the following people: Antonio Barrera and Óscar Martínez Labiano, for the businessmen; Íñigo Fraile and José Pedro Prados, The Fundi, by the bullfighters; Antonio Bañuelos and Lucía Martín, for the ranchers; Ángel Luis Prados, for the subordinates, and Victorino Martín, Cristina Sánchez and Borja Cardelús, for the Toro de Lidia Foundation.

Is a more obtuse and cryptic note possible?

Can anyone guess what the agreements were, if any? Where are the solutions?

What are they trying to hide?

Did they just discuss the money from the Reconstruction Tour?

With these wickers it does not seem possible to make a basket. With these representatives, this darkness of ideas, this absolute lack of transparency, and, what is worse, this absence of a strategy that emerged from unity, the bullfighting party will not recover.

This crisis committee is the clear proof that the party is sinking adrift.

With this committee, with these bullfighters, ranchers and businessmen, it will not be necessary for Podemos to intensify its attacks, for the PSOE to maintain its secular ambiguity or for VOX to dress up.

With these representatives, the bullfighting has an expiration date. The question is whether or not it is around the corner.


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