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“If the next season doesn’t start in Castellón and Valencia, we are dead. I see a lot of future in the popular festivities, but the bullfighting market will be greatly reduced, and there will only be several herds for the figures and a few others for the real fans. The future is very black … “

This is the diagnosis that José Joaquín Moreno Silva, an iron farmer from Saltillo, ventured on this blog last week. It may seem alarmist, but it only reflects the bullfighting reality, that before which the sector itself closes its eyes and remains silent.

Certainly, the next season depends fundamentally on the course of the pandemic, but it is just around the corner, and the very serious circumstances that the sector is suffering require that today there is a strategy sketch to prevent the disappearance of bullfighting in the case the health situation does not improve.

It is powerfully striking that, at this time of year, bullfighters, businessmen and ranchers remain locked in their winter barracks and have decided to wait for the storm to subside before taking a step forward, jumping into the ring, catching the bull by the horns and draw up a roadmap for the upcoming season; although, later, it cannot be fulfilled.

Where are the bullfighting figures? Where are El Juli, Cayetano, Manzanares, Perera, Aguado, Morante, Emilio de Justo, Ferrera, Ureña, Ponce, Urdiales, Roca Rey…? What do you think? What are you willing to do to keep the party alive?

Where are the bullfighters, businessmen and ranchers?

Where are the entrepreneurs? Where are Simón Casas, Ramón Valencia, Casa Chopera, Alberto Bailleres (FIT), among other managers of first and second category places?

Where are the ranchers? Where are Juan Pedro Domecq, Núñez del Cuvillo, Garcigrande, Victoriano del Río, Miura, Fuente Ymbro…?

Have you nothing to say at this point in the movie? Does not one of them, among many others, boil their blood, and have enough courage to ask the sector to wake up and face the problem with the necessary decision?

You already know what happened in 2020 in Madrid and Seville, the two most important squares: that they have remained closed despite the fact that health restrictions have not prevented it. Do you think the decision of these companies is good, with the very serious repercussions that they have projected on the battered health of bullfighting? Without a doubt, the attitude of Plaza1 and Pagés calls into question the ability of both to manage Las Ventas and La Maestranza.

Are the bullfighters not clear that no one other than themselves will help the sector to get out of the abyss in which it finds itself? Do you still trust the Minister of Culture, like Victorino Martín?

Conclusion: the most dangerous for the 2021 season may not be the pandemic, but the passivity and silence of the bullfighters. Perhaps, when they become aware of it, it is too late.

Fortunately, faced with so much anxiety, a recent piece of news has restored an iota of optimism to bullfighting: the awarding of the Cervantes Prize to the Valencian poet Francisco Brines.

The poet Francisco Brines, at his home in Oliva (Valencia), in 2019.
The poet Francisco Brines, at his home in Oliva (Valencia), in 2019.

This precious award has not only served to honor an extraordinary creator, but to confirm that there are still intellectuals who enjoy the bullfighting festival.

Brines is considered a fervent supporter and defender of bullfighting, a follower of Antonio Ordóñez and Rafael de Paula and a friend of Luis Francisco Esplá. A contributor to Quites magazine, he has written that “the bullfighting festival is the most reasoned and exciting show that has originated and achieved in Spain”.

This award has gone unnoticed by official bullfighting; With the exception of Esplá and the specialized portals, no one has highlighted the major importance of a character of his stature continuing to think that “sometimes, in a natural, it gives the impression that time has stopped.”

References in the Education Act to animal care may have consequences for the future of the party

On the contrary, it seems that the fans of the winner have gone unnoticed by the jury, which included a militant anti-bullfighting player. Have you been awarded the Cervantes Prize despite your bullfighting militancy or is it that they were unaware of it? Anyone know …

That was the good news.

The threat is made up of the different references in the new Organic Law of Education to the care of animals and the consequences that this may have for bullfighting in the future.

One of the purposes of the law is “the acquisition of values ​​that promote respect for living beings” (Art. 2.1e); one of the objectives of primary education is “to know and value the animals closest to the human being and to adopt modes of behavior that favor their care” (Art. 17 l).

And among the objectives of Compulsory Secondary Education, figure “critically assess social habits related to health, consumption, care for living beings and the environment, contributing to their conservation and improvement” (Art. 23 k).

Nothing to object, as it cannot be otherwise, to the fact that the attention and respect that all living beings deserve is regulated by law, but it is not hidden from anyone that these good purposes can be sufficient arguments to curtail the love of bulls in the young generations; proof of this is the satisfaction shown by different animal associations.

Javier López-Galiacho, jurist, president of the Mazzantini University Bullfighting Circle and a committed fan, is convinced that “introducing these contents in basic education supposes a ‘blow’ to the future of bullfighting, and also, of course, to the viability of that unique zootechnical species in the world that is the fighting bull ”.

“I am afraid that these subjects of tomorrow will fall into the hands of fundamentalists of animalism and condemn bullfighting to its disappearance,” he insists.

“What teachers will teach this subject? What will be its content in the study plans? ”Asks López-Galiacho. “Let’s see what child is going to dare to step on a bullring,” he continues, “or how the son of a bullfighter or rancher will feel at school.”

“All this shows the urgent need for a bullfighting lobby in Parliament to advise the representatives so that these frivolities are combated”, concludes the fan.

The Cervantes Prize, the most prestigious literary award in the Spanish language, for a true fan, an intellectual who honors bullfighting, and an Education Law that contains what could be a time bomb against the future of bullfighting; and the bullfighters, quiet, in silence, each one armed with the storm, when they should be in all the media with proposals for the next season.

Luckily there is the Minister of Culture, in whom the Toro de Lidia Foundation trusts so much, with overwhelming naivety… As if the Government had any interest in the survival of the party. You’ll see…


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