The bullring in Bilbao will be ruled one more year by the Casa Chopera | Culture

The bullring in Bilbao will be ruled one more year by the Casa Chopera | Culture

Two years ago, the mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, announced that the bullring of the Biscayan capital would change its management model in 2019. For the past year, a list of conditions for public award has been forged. Now, after several threats, different promises and an obscurantist silence in recent months, the Administrative Board of the Plaza, half owned by the City Council and half of the Casa de Misericordia, has announced that they extend the management of the Martínez company for a year. Flamarique SL, the well-known Casa Chopera that has been directing bullfighting designs in Bilbao for half a century.

The news has fallen like a slab on the enthusiasm of the Basque fans, who wanted new proposals and a way to revitalize the most important square in Euskadi. It has always been said that opportunities were being lost in recent years with an immobile bullfighting enclosure, almost inert during the year and in clear decline.

The publication of a list of conditions could bring new ideas and modernize the antiquated image and management of the Vista Alegre arena. The fans had received promises from the different members of the Administrative Board and the political rectors of different signs that they were creating a list and that in the autumn it was going to be published. But the dates have passed and they have had to find many more difficulties than in the many bullfighting cities where these public competitions take place, since the reason for this extension is "the complexity of the administrative process that is being carried out" and "to ensure the organization and celebration of the Taurine Fair 2019 ".

The justification that the rush may not be good counselors may be appropriate, but it has been carried out with the sheet for two summers; Maybe a new vision changes the dynamics of Bilbao, there may be many fringes to tie in a peculiar property of the square … Justifications valid or not, but all of a decision that comes by surprise and without any contact with Bilbao fans, who season after season they are more tired of receiving a product in which they neither prick nor cut, and only go through the box office.

In short, everything remains the same. The same disposition of yesteryear, the same entities, the same people and not one iota of renewal before a square that has lost its identity and its philosophy. Therefore, the fan has gradually moved away.

By 2019, the fan was expecting a new movie, although at the moment he did not know anything about it, neither the actors nor the script nor the plot, because the Bilbao fan was the only one with whom neither the rectors of the square nor the leaders of the City Council, the only institution with whom the specifications have not been discussed. Can you imagine someone in another municipal department where their direct stakeholders are not consulted? The fan was expecting another movie, but the one in 2019 seems to have already seen it.


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