June 17, 2021

The bull with integrity is the only one who can save the party (and the bullfighting people don’t know about it) | Blog The bull, by the horns

Many believed that new normal bullfighting would be the flourishing consequence of a thoughtful renovation for bullfighting, and it turns out that, until now, it is a real fiasco that seriously threatens its survival over time.

A few days ago, a question appeared on social networks that hit the target: “Can it be said that there has not yet been a decent run in 2020?” It depends, of course, on the moral conception of each one, but, decent or not, what has been seen so far causes an alarming disappointment. It’s not this, no; This is not what bullfighting needs to walk with its head held high in the 21st century.

Some pearls are as obvious as they are alarming.

– The most veteran figure in the ladder, Enrique Ponce, with thirty years of alternative behind him, is the great novelty of the moment (¿?).

It is not known which is worse, if the pandemic or the bullfighting

– For the inaugural bullfight of the season in Andalusia, on August 1, in Osuna, Ponce himself included in the poster a friend of his, Javier Conde, a returned bullfighter, possessor of old withered muses, gripped by a glaring lack of technique and a heavy heart.

– The next day, the Colombinas de Huelva began. The bulls of August 2 were from Núñez del Cuvillo, fought by Perera, Cayetano and Aguado. The critic of Huelva Information, Paco Guerrero, said in his chronicle: “There was that little bullfight from Cuvillo that bullfighters like so much to show off their qualities. Everything in half: the capacity, the money and the bull. Also the bull. And again Cuvillo. Wasn’t there another bullfight in the field with which to leave a more dignified fair image? “

– On the 3rd, also in Huelva, eight bulls, two for the rejoneador Andrés Romero, and six for Juan Pedro Domecq, for Ponce, Castella and David de Miranda. The journalist Carlos Crivell wrote on his blog Sevillatoro.es the following: “The future of the Festival cannot be supported by bullfights as embarrassing as the second in Colombinas. When a renovation of the structures of the bullfighting network is requested, in moments in which an attractive bullfight is needed in which the bull is the real king to be fought by capable bullfighters, who are heroes, it is a disaster to witness the game of bulls without life, almost dead on the way out, that give more pity than fear, that come to give real pain, so that everything ends in a continuous embarrassment that there is no fan who can endure in a square. With bulls like those of Juan Pedro that were run in Huelva, the party has no future ”.

– “What the bullfighters call bulls, noble and soft.” This is how Francisco Orgambides described Cádiz newspaper, the copies of Juan Pedro Domecq, dealt in El Puerto de Santa María on the 6th.

Miguel Ángel Perera, at the recent Colombinas Fair in Huelva.
Miguel Ángel Perera, at the recent Colombinas Fair in Huelva. Efe

– And then the celebration of the Segovian town of El Espinar would arrive. Ponce presented a medical report, and the company decided to leave the poster in a hand in hand between Ureña and Toñete with the number of good bullfighters who are on forced unemployment. And the Zalduendo bulls have been described as “unworthy and dying,” a bullfighting fiasco. By the way, what was Paco Ureña, the worthy winner of last season, doing on that poster?

– As if that were not enough, a heated controversy has arisen over whether or not companies comply with the sanitary measures on the allowed capacity. The photos can be deceiving, but the impression is that in the celebrations held there was more public than allowed. (What was missing…)

What’s going on? This is the new normal of bullfighting? Where is the necessary bullfighting renewal, essential to last over time? Is this the bullfighting that the 21st century needs?

Where are the big ANOET entrepreneurs hiding? And the so-called bullfighting figures? Has anyone from Fallas until today met to try to find solutions to this unprecedented bullfighting crisis in history?

The bull is the great foundation of bullfighting

A time has come when it is not known which is worse, if the pandemic or the bullfighting.

There is no possible rational explanation for the festivities of the normal have affected the most serious mistake of the modern festival, which is the contempt for the bull.

The prevailing bullfighting atmosphere is the prelude to the disappearance of the party. Morante de la Puebla (it is only an example) is necessary, but not essential, as no bullfighter is. Morante will pass and only the bull will survive.

The bull is the foundation of bullfighting; the only element with the capacity to excite and hook new fans. And until this axiom is apprehended by bullfighters there will be no solution for bullfighting.

All the rest are trifles that today the accidental public cheers and tomorrow leaves them with the same enthusiasm.

The bullfighters (including many writers who mistakenly believe that bullfighting journalism consists of protecting the festival and hiding its defects) prefer to bet on aesthetics to the detriment of epic, on the painful and dying animal, on the bull before the bull of integrity, for the dancing bullfighter instead of the heroic and powerful fighter, and so it goes.

If this is the normality that bullfighting people and their journalists prefer, let them know that the bullfighting business will not give them for retirement. If this is the new bullfighting, the party has a short life left.

The bull, only the bull, will save the party from certain death. Only the bull, the real one, and not the current cartoon.

Ortega y Gasset already said it: “The day that in the bullfighting miss the epic and everything is aesthetic, the Festival will have its days numbered ”.

The one who warns …


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