The building of the 33 positives, 6 deceased and 2 hospitalized for covid

Santutxu neighborhood, in Bilbao. All the blame, for the two elevators of the building, but it is not at all clear that this is the origin of the covid outbreak. 33 infected neighbors, 6 deceased and two hospitalized. Exhausted because he is back on the street after being admitted and quarantined. Emilio is also positive, we find him on the street, but he doesn't go to the supermarket. The 63 families who have lived in this building for weeks share feelings. And to protect yourself, precautions. Not a single window closed, the portal also open, and even if there are 16 floors ... avoid the common areas. The existence of a supercontagator or problems with the general ventilation circuits of the building are causes that are also investigated.


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