August 3, 2021

The builders seek land in the Islands to build 2,000 sheltered homes – La Provincia

The builders seek land in the Islands to build 2,000 sheltered homes - La Provincia

The Canarian builders search for land in the Islands to finalize before the end of the year ahousing plan"fast and complementary" that benefits the most disadvantaged segments of the population. The Association of Construction Entrepreneurs and Promoters of the Province of Las Palmas (AECP) met Wednesday with a delegation from the Asset Management Company from Banking Restructuring (Sareb), also known asbad bank, to analyze the assets in the hands of this entity in the Islands and buy those that contribute to structuring said plan.

The president of the association,María de la Salud Gil, stated that the goal is that some 2,000 sheltered homes, intended both for sale and for rent, are part of this initiative. "We have taken the decision to lead a public-private housing policy that treats housing claimants from a universal perspective, that is, we can face a housing policy capable of serving all strata of the population in function of their profiles. " In this sense, thebuildersThey are negotiating with different financial entities and developers to locate soils and "unfinished assets".

Gil explained before the meeting that the Government of the Canary Islands has full powers and powers in housing matters. "Therefore, he can make his own rules and procedurally agile, in his opinion, all the bureaucracy surrounding the protected housing procedure" must disappear. "He also stressed that housing and promotions must be qualified in base to three parameters: price of the square meter, who can be sold or rented and what are the aids that the interested party receives.

La Sareb, which was established in 2012 as a result of thebank restructuring, has in the archipelago real estate assets valued at 240 million euros. This portfolio is made up of some 2,900 units, including land and housing, which represent 2.5% of what society has in the whole country. La Sareb has a thousand houses and 300 floors in Las Palmas, while in Santa Cruz de Tenerife it has 450 houses and 130 lands. The value of Sareb's loans, which have real estate behind, reaches 550 million. In the Islands the callbad bankIt has about 1,000 financial assets, representing 2% of the state total.

Gil also explained that the promotion of protected housing is not at odds with the construction of free housing or any type of type. "It's not just about making protected housing, it's about addressing the housing seeker from a universal perspective," he said. Even so, he explained that the association is convincing the promoters not to abandon the protected housing because it understands that it is "an element that structures and balances the market and rental prices".

The president of the AECP, despite noting that the expectations of the construction sector "are kidnapped" by the delay in the signing of thestate agreementspending, affirmed that the activity has "muscle" to approach this initiative.


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