The builders propose a toll of up to 9 cents per kilometer on all highways

The measure would allow the State to enter up to 104,000 million euros, according to Seopan

The construction companies the thorny issue of the tolls. If the Minister of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda tiptoed over the matter last week in Congress, the employer of the large construction and concessionaires, Seopan, has resumed today one of its old aspirations: the generalization of tolls in the entire network of large inter-urban roads that is in Spain, regardless of its ownership. And he has proposed a figure to pay for its use: up to 9 cents per kilometer in the case of cars and up to 19 in the case of heavy vehicles.

Seopan believes that to meet the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, Spain should invest 104,000 million euros until 2030. Some funds, as explained by the president of Seopan, Julián Núñez, Spain does not have. Social spending (health and education) eats 64% of public spending. And the reduction of the deficit has curtailed in recent years the investment in public works until 1980 levels. Given this situation, Núñez has defended the imposition of a concession model on the highways that could generate the necessary resources. According to your calculations, If tolls are generalized in the 14,000 kilometers of large interurban capacity roads, the State could achieve revenues of 104,000 million euros in the 25-year duration of the concessions. In addition, Seopan estimates that the State will would save 850 million euros in conservation and operating expenses, which would be assumed by the concessionaires; and would enter annually about 4.7 billion euros in VAT and corporate income tax that would accrue those tolls.

Núñez, as he has defended on other occasions, has once again defended the implementation of tolls because he considers them to be the best way to obtain the income that the Budgets do not provide. The president of Seopan has wondered why in sectors such as air or port users pay fees and on the roads it is not so when it is a widespread practice in almost all of Europe. According to their calculations, 73.5% of the high-capacity toll-free roads are in Spain. 23 countries have 100% of their motorway network priced and only four, including Spain, only partially.

Seopan believes that this proposal should be addressed in the Mobility Law that the Ministry of Transportation wants to agree with all parties. On previous occasions, the construction companies had proposed a minimum toll range of between 3 and 14 cents, although this time they have adjusted their proposal upwards to adapt it to budgetary needs.


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