The bubble groups of the Canarian schools will be able to interact with each other indoors and outdoors

The Ministry today sent the instructions that allow students to interact with other classrooms except in the dining rooms and areas set up for eating. Families can now access the centers at the entrance and exit and to the activities

Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands has informed the educational centers of the islands of the
update of the measures adopted in relation to the new surveillance and control strategy against covid-19 determined by the Ministry of Health. Among others, it highlights that in Infant, Primary and Special Education Centers, the Stable Coexistence Groups (GCE), also known as «
bubble groups», they can interact with each other both outdoors and indoors, except in the school canteen and alternative spaces set up for meals, where they will remain.

In addition, the complementary activities that include an overnight stay will also be organized by bubble groups, and the courses that do not have them will establish
fixed subgroups for carrying out the activity.

Sporting events and tutorials

Families will be allowed access to the indoor and outdoor spaces of the centers, although it will be necessary to
avoid crowds. I also know
authorize meetings of individual tutoring with families in well-ventilated interior spaces under the condition of complying with the prevention and hygiene measures that are in force at that time, with priority for outdoor meetings.

Sporting events or celebrations that take place in the centers will be held, whenever possible, outdoors, and in accordance with the same conditions as their counterparts in the community sphere.


In the same way, priority will be given to
complementary outdoor activities. In the case of visits to museums, cinemas, theaters and the like, the preventive measures established by the place visited will be carried out.

They will be able to attend the complementary activities that take place in the center
people outside of it, provided that the established prevention, hygiene and health promotion measures are maintained, and that it is permitted according to the regulations and at the level of risk in which the island is located. The same will apply to those developed outside the center that require the assistance of external people for their correct development.

if you have symptoms

For the celebration of graduation ceremonies, end of course or other types of social or cultural events that may take place in the center in the context of its activity, the
prevention measures against covid-19 existing for cultural events in the autonomous community.

In general, it is recalled that attendance at the center is not recommended when a person presents acute symptoms compatible with covid-19 or another
acute infectious disease and potentially communicable. In this sense, the educational center will inform parents, mothers and other parental figures, or students of legal age, explicitly and with confirmation of receipt of the information, that students with any acute symptomatology refrain from going to school. school.

No fever 24 hours

Assistance may be resumed in the event of an evident improvement in symptoms and if there is no fever in the last 24 hours. In these cases, precautions will be taken during the ten days after the onset of symptoms compatible with covid-19 (avoid contact with vulnerable people;
wear a surgical mask; carry out proper hand hygiene; not attend mass events, and limit contacts to groups with which one interacts regularly within the center).

If a person begins to develop compatible symptoms in the center, they should put on a surgical mask and
will contact the family or legal guardians, in case you are a minor, to come and pick you up. If she is an adult, autonomous and is well, she will go to her home, avoiding contact on the way. In case of serious symptoms or respiratory distress, call 112.

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