December 4, 2020

The BSR Econy Gran Canaria starts the season this Saturday in Vigo

The BSR Econy Gran Canaria coach, Jonay caraballo, awaits a first game of the season “with great anxiety”, this Saturday in Vigo against Iberconsa Amfiv.

“The first quarter will probably be very unbridled, with great intensity, and in which we will arrive very late in fouls and excessively fast in counterattacks,” explains the coach of the Gran Canaria team this Thursday in a statement posted on the website of the BSR Econy Gran Canaria.

For Caraballo, the coach of Iberconsa Amfiv, César Iglesias, “prepares the games very well” and has players “aware at all times of what they are doing”, that they cannot charge themselves with fouls ”and they know“ how they can reach the limit in defense ”.

Econy Gran Canaria could “pass” or “have bad shooting decisions” at the beginning of the match, “the normal thing in a first game after not playing in 7 months”, aim.

Caraballo believes that the match can opt for either team, but also that if Iberconsa Amfiv does not have the entire squad, given that it still has two players missing, “it may probably be missing something at the end of the match.”

Regarding the cancellation of the preliminary rounds of the European BSR competitions, the coach of the Gran Canaria team believes that this can benefit the team by avoiding trips but it can also harm because these matches could serve as filming.

“I do not know how everything will be finally, but everything indicates that the previous phases are going to be canceled and the teams, depending on their ranking, will ask the European Federation in which phase they should play,” he predicts.

BSR Econy Gran Canaria, with all the available players, travels to Vigo this Friday to face Iberconsa Amfiv this Saturday at 18:00, in the first match of the season.


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