August 15, 2020

The Brotherhood of the Christ of the Good Death (Málaga) asks the leaders of PP, Cs and Vox not to attend their events

The letter, to which Europa Press has had access, points out that the Mena Congregation "should not consent" to occur, "because it is contrary to the spirit and purpose" of what is celebrated, "besides being radically opposed to the statutes "for which this brotherhood is governed.

However, they clarify: "This is not an obstacle so that, undoubtedly, we are open to receive you on dates different from the current ones, which on the other hand would allow us to provide more personalized attention".

The eldest brother of the Royal Congregation of the Most Holy Christ of the Good Death and Souls and Our Lady of Solitude, Antonio de la Morena, moves the political leaders of the three parties in the letter, before the particular political situation of this year, that none of the events foreseen in this Holy Week "could be considered as a stage for electoral debate and lead to tensions of a political or ideological nature in our Congregation and in our environment, beyond the goals indicated in the statutes".

Thus, admit in the letter the "concern" before the expectations generated in the city of Malaga by the coincidence of the electoral campaign period, which has begun this Friday, and Holy Week itself, hence the analysis made "with natural and honda preocupa "and the agreement of the governing board.

From the Congregation of Mena they have confirmed to Europa Press the proposal of the older brother, who counts on the "support and the approval" of all the brothers, the governing board and the council of the brotherhood. They have also ensured that the three political parties "have understood and understood" the request made.

The disembarkation of the legionary knights and the transfer of the sacred headlines of the Congregation of Mena is one of the most multitudinous acts of the Holy Week in Malaga. It is celebrated on Holy Thursday in the morning, prior to the processional exit that same day in the afternoon.


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