February 24, 2021

The broadcast of ‘Save me’ is cut live before an emergency set change

Never seen before, but what would this program be without these things happening, which is why we realize the great professionalism that all the workers of ‘Save Me Diario’ have. There has been a technical problem in the Mediaset facilities whereby several television sets have run out of power and therefore, The broadcast of the live program has been cut and ‘Toma salami’ has begun to broadcast.

The same has happened in ‘Cuatro al día’ who has had to cut the live broadcast of the program. Thanks to the stories that Paz Padilla has posted on her Instagram profile, we have learned that the collaborators and The whole team of Save me was changing to the set of ‘Everything is a lie’ to continue the live broadcast.

As soon as they returned to the screen, Paz Padilla confessed to all the spectators what had happened: “We want to apologize, we cannot explain very well what has happened, It has been a technical problem that has occurred in Mediaset and we have moved to the set of ‘Everything is a lie’ by Risto Mejide. We are going to adapt to what we have. ”

In this way, the Sálvame team has shown to the entire audience that In just ten minutes they have been able to move the entire team from one set to another and continue with the live broadcast of the program.


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