June 24, 2021

The British Royal Family, against ‘The Crown’: “The public must not be fooled”

Still from the series.

Still from the series.

Although to date the members of the Royal family British have been extremely restrained in their comments on the view that the public conveys the series of Netflix, ‘The Crown’, the fourth season, has broken this institutional silence. Some passages of new chapters, which premiered this Sunday on the streaming service, have generated such anger among notable members of British royalty that since Buckingham they have gone on the offensive and It is already heavily charged against the fiction created by Peter Morgan which is accused of “unreal” and “insensitive”.

Thus, according to the Sunday edition of the newspaper ‘Daily Mail’, people very close to Prince Charles have launched vehement attacks on the new season of the series. The new episodes range from 1979 to 1990 and address, among other events, the engagement and marriage of Diana de Gales and Carlos, the eating disorders of the princess and the relationship of Carlos himself with Camilla Parker.

“This is a fictional drama, entertainment for commercial purposes that is carried out without regard to the people involved whose lives are appropriated and exploited (…) In this case, events that happened in very difficult times 25 or 30 years ago are brought to light again without thinking about anyone’s feelings. That is neither right nor fair, especially when many of the things that are represented do not conform to the truth, “they say from the surroundings of Prince Charles.

Reality show

The fourth season of the hit Netflix drama spans the years from the assassination of Lord Mountbatten in 1979 to the fall of Margaret Thatcher in 1990. But it is the description of an insensitive and selfish Carlos who marries an innocent Diana while maintaining his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, then married, which has caused the wrath of the Prince of Wales.

In this sense, from Buckingham they denounce the malicious portrait that the series carried out of Carlos and Camila from the outset and points out that even reality shows “admit that some scenes have been invented for entertainment.” “There is no intention to tell a carefully nuanced story, everything is very two-dimensional. This is trolling on a Hollywood budget. The public should not be fooled into thinking that this is an accurate account of what really happened, “they say.

But the new chapters of ‘The Crown’ have not raised blisters only among Carlos’s environment, but they have also especially irritated his son, Prince William. According to close sources quoted by the British newspaper, the Duke of Cambridge is not at all satisfied with the new season as he believes that the figures of his parents “are being exploited and presented in a false and simplistic way to make money.”

In this regard, from Buckingham regret the great insensitivity shown by the series when dealing with events that are still recent since, they assure, some scars of the bitter separation of Charles and Diana are still open. “These events are not stories from 100 or even 50 years ago. The pain is still intense and not enough time has passed (…) The fiction becomes more attractive than the facts and dramatize these painful events of marital breakups and injured children it is very insensitive “, they denounce.


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