September 23, 2020

The British regional airline Flybe goes bankrupt because of the impact of the coronavirus

The British regional airline Flybe, which had been in a difficult financial situation for months, announced the bankruptcy on Thursday, which puts some 2,000 jobs at risk.

While Flybe’s financial problems were not new, the media said today that the outbreak of coronavirus made its situation even worse due to the collapse in demand for tickets.

In a letter addressed today to the company’s staff, its CEO, Mark Anderson, said that, despite all the efforts, “we had no alternative, because we could not reach a viable solution that would allow us to continue operating.”

“I am very sorry that we could not get the necessary funds to continue” with the operations, he added.

The company, whose base is at Exeter Airport (in the South West of England), said it has stopped operating immediately and has asked its passengers to “not go to the airport” unless they have achieved alternative flights.

Last January, the airline had avoided collapse after the Government reached an agreement with the shareholders of this company, including Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Group.

The airline operates in numerous secondary airports in the United Kingdom, including airfields in Northern Ireland, Scotland, as well as in British Crown units such as the Isle of Man.

The Government said it is willing to help Flybe workers get new jobs and will work with other airlines to replace the services left by this airline.

Flybe, with a fleet of 63 aircraft, was founded in 1979 as Jersey European Airways and flew to 56 destinations.

Experts have highlighted today the importance that this airline had for many people in the south and southwest English, although it is a small company compared to British Airways (BA) or with cheap tickets such as easyJet and Ryanair.

In the United Kingdom, where there are at least 100 infected with Covid-19, other airlines have been forced to cancel hundreds of flights due to falling demand.


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