The British Museum surrenders to the provocation of the Banksy graffiti artist | Culture

The British Museum surrenders to the provocation of the Banksy graffiti artist | Culture

If you can not beat your enemy, join him. The British Museum, one of the most revered institutions of the culture of the United Kingdom, has decided to incorporate a piece of graffiti to its collection of works of art Banksy. It is a fake 10 pound sterling bill in which the artist has replaced the face of Queen Elizabeth of England with that of the deceased Lady Di. To round off the joke, the ticket includes the text Banksy of England (instead of the Bank of England that appears in all of them). The graffiti printer printed this series of $ 1 million worth of notes in 2004 and threw them into the packed crowd at the popular Notting Hill carnival in London.

Banksy's hooliganism, however, has long been combined with the ability to make money that his works have. Through your certification company, Pest Control (Pest Control), the artist has confirmed the authenticity of the ticket purchased by the museum. The name of the work is Di-Faced Tenner, a play on words with the expression Defaced Tenner (10 pound bill painted) to which incorporates the name with which popularly Diana Spencer (Lady Di) was known.

The British Museum, according to the specialized digital magazine Artnet, has no intention at the moment to give a space of exhibition to the work of Banksy. It will simply incorporate it into your artistic deposit.

The acquisition of the ticket is a way of publicly admitting that the British surrenders to the popularity of the artist, despite the fact that the institution was also the victim of his hooliganism. In 2005, Banksy placed without anyone knowing, in the archaeological gallery dedicated to Roman Britain, a stone with a supposed painting in which a puppet could be seen pushing a shopping cart. For three days, at least, no museum manager realized the joke. Next to the stone, the artist placed an explanatory sign, similar to those that can be seen next to each piece in the museums, in which he explained that "this exquisitely preserved sample of primitive art corresponds to the Postcatatonic era. the work is attributed produced a considerable number of pieces throughout the south east of England under the pseudonym Banksymus Maximus, although there is little data about him. Most of his art has not stood the test of time. The majority was destroyed by strict municipal authorities who failed to recognize the artistic merit and the historical value of their daubed walls. "

Banksy again monopolized the covers of means of the whole world last October, when he managed to grind, in the middle of the auction, his work Girl with a balloon, that the Sotheby's house had just awarded for more than one million euros. The artist managed to put a paper shredder in the frame of the painting beforehand, and activated it just when the hammer gave the bid to be finished.. Sotheby's immediately understood Banksy's provocation and exposed the half-crushed canvas to the public for two days. For hours, hundreds of curious people went to the headquarters of the bidding house in New Bond Street, to see first hand the new prank of graffiti. The buyer of the work, who remains anonymous, reaffirmed his acquisition, aware that advertising would immediately increase the value of his Banksy.

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