May 16, 2021

The bride of the "king of the cachopo" suffered an abortion two months before dying

The bride of the "king of the cachopo" suffered an abortion two months before dying

César Román, known as 'El Rey del Cachopo', has again defended his innocence before the judge of Instruction number 32 of Madrid, Rosa Maria Freire, assuring that the suitcase in which the torso appeared it was not his and justifying in his favor all the indications that point to him as the author of the murder.

The appearance has occurred at your own request after you have known the contents of the summary, of more than four volumes. "He has told everyone not to", has detailed one of the lawyers present in the interrogation, which has lasted for more than an hour and a half.

The instructor accused him of crime of his girlfriend Heidi Paz, whose torso appeared on August 13 in a Usera ship owned by the businessman. Today, the judge has been denied the case in favor of a Court of Violence against Women to determine the relationship.

In his appearance, he insisted that the suitcase where the victim appeared was not the one he had on the day a taxi driver took him to the ship, a key testimony for his accusation.

Shortly before entering the courtroom, the accused has stated that he is "very well" and, in response to a journalist, has insisted that he maintains his innocence. Román, more serious than in the previous time he went to court, no longer wears the beard with which he tried during the months of search go unnoticed.

In the summary it is stated that Heidi became pregnant with Román, with whom he started a relationship last April. But she suffered a miscarriage in June, a few months before dying. There is no record of him reporting him for mistreatment.

Investigators are still looking for the victim's limbs, according to the same sources. The autopsy rules out that she died asphyxiated or poisoned.

Apparently, the performances incorporate two letters in which Heidi declared his love to the 'King of the Cachopo'. In addition, he would make several witnesses that place him at the crime scene, apart from the taxi driver who took him to the Usera ship next to a large suitcase.

"He is a very controlling and obsessive person"This is how the lawyer who defends the mother of the victim has described him in the corridors, who has detailed that the summary already reaches the four volumes.

The lawyer insists that the relationship went ahead, as evidenced by the love letters. However, their lawyers maintain that the relationship was broken, although they could maintain a timely meeting.

On November 20, Roman accepted his right not to testify, since he did not know the contents of the accusation because the summary was then under secrecy. In the corridors of the courts, he assured journalists that he was "innocent" and that "he had not killed anyone"

One of the main incriminating indications would be the testimony of the taxi driver who allegedly transported Román to the Usera ship on August 5, where found the suitcase with the torso of the bride inside. The taxi driver had confirmed to the police that the man was carrying a very heavy suitcase of about 60 kilos.

Román is serving a preventive sentence in the Soto del Real prison. Recently, he has asked to be a cook in prison. The Administration has not yet made a decision on the petition.

César Román was arrested on November 16 in Zaragoza, specifically in the kitchen of the restaurant where, with a false identity, had remained hidden after escaping in summer without a trace and after emptying the boxes of the restaurants where he gave fame to the Asturian dish for which he proclaimed himself 'Rey del Cachopo' .

The 'King of the Cachopo' maintains a collaborative attitude complying with the discipline established by the officials of Soto del Real. Penitentiary Institutions applied article 75.1 as a measure to reinforce its security, due to its media nature.


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