Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The Brexit extension saves Spanish tourism from losing 1.5 billion euros

La prórroga del Brexit salva al turismo español de perder 1.500 millones de euros

The sector Spanish tourist has given a great respite after the European Union will extend until October the possible exit of UK of the EU. The estimates they managed were catastrophic for the year 2019. "A Brexit hard meant the loss of some 1,500 million euros this year, "said José Luís Zoreda, executive vice president of the Alliance for Tourism Excellence, Exceltur.

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This estimate is based on the fact that an exit without an agreement from Great Britain would imply a fall in the price of the pound of 15%, a critical circumstance given the profile of British tourists, highly sensitive to price.


Arriving tourists spend less time and spend less

But once caught in the air and with the tranquility of having saved the main stumbling block of the year and gained some months, the reading that the tourist lobby makes of the sector is far from being positive.

The latest data shows that the slowdown in the sector expected at the beginning of the year is confirmed, although it is still positive. Tourism GDP grew by 1.5% in the first quarter of 2019. Exceltur revised its growth forecast for 2019 downwards from 1.7% to 1.6%.

It worries mainly in change in the tendencies of the foreign tourists. In volume arrivals are maintained, the problem is that the tourists who come are less time in Spain, although they spend more per day. "There are more tourists coming a few days to the cities and the interior, but the tourist who spent a long time in Spanish destinations has fallen and that is an alert about our business model," alerts Zoreda.


Tourism will grow by 1.6% in 2019 compared to the 1.7% expected

This has been reflected especially in the Canary Islands. German and Nordic tourists have opted to go to the competition, especially Turkey and Egypt. This has implied a decrease of 5.9% in the overnight stays of the high season of the fortunate islands.

The average stay at the national level fell by 4.5% between January and February. "In this way an increase of 3% in the arrival of tourists, has not been able to compensate for the total drop of nights spent in Spain, 1.6% less," laments Zoreda.

For the executive of Exceltur this is a sign that Spain can not wait any longer to reform its tourism model. The recovery of Mediterranean competition requires a commitment from the State. Politicians should stop thinking that this is a sector that goes alone and encourage a reform of establishments but the concept in many of the areas, especially Sun and Beach, "he said.

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