September 20, 2020

The breaker Mala Rodríguez, National Prize for Current Music 2019

It was around the 80s when urban music stormed the music scene. Since then, numerous artists have opted for a genre that today, it could be said, It is "exploding" more than ever and it covers everything from rap to soul, going through hip hop, funk or reggaeton. One of the essential singers in the prosperity of the urban rhythm is Mala Rodríguez (María Rodríguez Garrido), 40, who thanks to its rap with flamenco dyes, today it has 200,000 certified copies.

As reported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Mala Rodríguez has won the National Prize for Current Music 2019 for "being a pioneer of a style such as urban music that, since its appearance, has become essential in the field of popular music," the jury said. To this, they have added that the appearance of Rodriguez's music was "a break, both for his music and for his attitude and lyrics, in a world dominated by men."

The winner was born in Jerez de la Frontera and moved to Seville from a young age. With a gypsy father and a Dominican mother, the singer began her musical career making the leap in 1999, with her debut with "Take the Traca" and "A jierro". His first album, "Iberian Luxury", went on sale when he was 21 years old. Now, with this Prize It joins a list that includes names like Kiko Veneno, Joan Manuel Serrat, Luz Casal or Amaral and whose recognition is endowed with 30,000 euros. "It is a source of inspiration for artists of successive generations and throughout his career he has taken rap and urban music from our country all over the world, especially to the American continent," the jury referred to Rodriguez.

Perhaps his most international recognition came from the hand of "Malamarismo", his third album he published in 2007 and with which he won MTV Latin America for Best urban music album. He also received the MTV Europe Music Awards as Best Spanish Artist and, in 2008, he won the Music Prize in the category of Hip Hop Album. And, for more prize, his fifth album, "Bruja", which he released in 2013 and with which he won the Latin Grammy for Best Urban Album.

Mala Rodríguez has had a career that identifies with the genre she plays: groundbreaking. He has sung with artists cLike Alejandro Sanz, Nelly Furtado, Juan Magan or El Guincho and all his creations have been quite successful. In his discography, he accumulates two Gold Records – "Iberian Luxury" sold 67 thousand copies and "Alevosía" 60 thousand-, as well as with numerous awards, to which today the no less deserved National Prize for Current Music joins.

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