July 29, 2021

The Brazilians, the least satisfied in Latin America with their democracy in 2018

The Brazilians, the least satisfied in Latin America with their democracy in 2018

Brazil is the least satisfied country with its democracy in Latin America, ahead of countries like El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala or Venezuela, according to a study released today in Buenos Aires by the organization Latinobarómetro.

This figure is accompanied by a generalized fall in the region of satisfaction with democracy, which in the last decade went from 44% to 24%, reveals the report made after interviewing 20,000 Latin Americans from 18 countries during this year.

In Brazil only 9% are satisfied, in Venezuela it is 12% and in Nicaragua 20%; while the three countries with the highest positive results were Uruguay, Costa Rica and Chile, which are around 45%.

"This is the most brutal political criticism in the region," said Marta Lagos, director of the non-governmental organization based in Chile.

On the other hand, this generalized dissatisfaction leads to citizenship being more participatory and asking for more improvements, the researcher argued.

Likewise, 41% of respondents in Brazil considered that "a democratic regime is the same as one that is not democratic".

These results suggest the last elections in Brazil, in which ex-leftist Jair Bolsonaro, known for his harsh speeches against corruption and violence and his homophobic, sexist, racist and xenophobic comments, emerged as president-elect. at the beginning of 2019.

This result was only surpassed by El Salvador (54%) and Honduras (41%).

However, when asked if "an authoritarian government can be preferable to a democratic one", the result in Brazil was 14%, one point below the Latin American average.

Brazil also led the ranking, with 90%, to the question of whether the country (of each respondent) "is governed by a few powerful groups for their own benefit and with 7% (the lowest) among those who believed that the Current government acts "for the good of all the people."

The study also revealed that the Latin American population's perception of progress in the countries of the region, valued at least eight points, is the worst recorded in the 23 years of existence of the Latinobarómetro organization, an average figure that has fallen since eight years.

"There is no need to say that something good happened here," lamented Lagos during the presentation of the report at the offices of the Institute for the Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean (INTAL) of the Argentine capital.


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