The Brazilian Minister of Health says that Venezuela's health system "went into collapse"

The Brazilian Minister of Health says that Venezuela's health system "went into collapse"

Brazil's Health Minister, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, said today that "there is information that the health system in Venezuela collapsed" and that the ministry is "concerned" with outbreaks of diseases such as diphtheria on the border between Brazil and Brazil. Venezuela.

In an interministerial visit to the northern Brazilian state of Roraima, bordering Venezuela, Mandetta said that "many cases" of people with diphtheria have been registered in Venezuelan cities and that the data compiled by the government of the president of that country, Nicolás Maduro, " they have collapsed. "

"In this moment of profound tyranny, the numbers of epidemiological surveillance, notification of diseases of his system, has practically collapsed," said the minister.

Mandetta also praised the actions of prevention and awareness carried out by the "Operation Welcome", launched a year ago by former President Michel Temer and include the vaccination of immigrants crossing the Brazilian border.

Regarding this initiative, the Minister of Defense, Fernando Azevedo, reiterated on Friday that support for Venezuelan immigrants in Roraima will continue until March 2020, although the resources allocated to Operation Reception "have not yet been defined."

At a press conference the day before in Boa Vista, the regional capital of Roraima, Azevedo had already informed that the resources destined to the program "end on March 31 next", so there is "an interministerial working group coordinated by the House Civil "to verify" the availability "financial for its permanence.

"We have the resource of the beginning (of the operation) that ends on March 31. The continuity is being done, the committee in Brasilia, coordinated by the Civil House, will verify the availability," the minister explained.

Azevedo also ruled out the possibility of closing the border or restricting the entry of Venezuelans into Brazil, because he considered that "the Venezuelan population does not deserve it."

"We are not sure about the situation in Venezuela, but the closure of the border at this moment is impossible, we are not going to turn our backs on them," the defense minister emphasized.

A delegation consisting of five ministers of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro visited the northern state of Roraima for two days to assess the situation of Venezuelan immigrants arriving in Brazil.

After they learned about the structures of Operation Reception, which is in charge of care posts and manages 13 shelters of Venezuelan refugees in the state, the holders of the portfolios of Health, Defense, Education, Citizenship and General Control of the Union met with the governor of Roraima, Antonio Denarium.

The state of Roraima, one of the most impoverished in Brazil, was hit in recent years by the migration crisis in the face of the arrival of thousands of Venezuelans in the region.

According to official data, between 2015 and November 2018, some 96,094 Venezuelans presented themselves to the Brazilian authorities for the regularization of their immigration status. Of these, 62,128 sought refuge and 24,966 residences in Brazil.

At present, Operation Host, in association with NGOs and the UN, administers a total of 13 shelters for refugees and estimates that there are around 6,600 Venezuelan immigrants sheltered in the state.


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