The Brazilian medium accused of abuse says that "God" guided his treatments

The Brazilian medium accused of abuse says that "God" guided his treatments

The Brazilian medium known as Joao de Deus, in pre-trial detention for allegedly committing sexual abuse against hundreds of women, told authorities he received "guidance" from "God and the spirit" to carry out his mystical treatments, local media reported today.

The religious leader, 76 years old and whose given name is Joao Teixeira de Faria, explained in his statement to the police that he only "attends and directs", but that he is not responsible for what he does during his spiritualistic proceedings.

Asked if he performed incisive surgeries, one of the procedures that raised him to international fame, the healer denied it and said it is "God who makes them," according to the newspaper 'O Globo'.

Joao de Deus is in preventive prison since Sunday following the 506 reports that the Prosecutor's Office received from women in Brazil and six other countries that claim to have been sexually abused by the medium, known for his supposed healing abilities through his "miraculous cures" and "psychic surgeries".

Many of these women claim that they suffered abuse during private consultations, although in their statement to investigators the healer flatly denied having called "anyone to undergo individualized treatment," according to "O Globo."

According to the newspaper, Joao de Deus also reported that he does not deliver medical prescriptions to the faithful who come to the House of Don Ignacio de Loyola, founded in 1976 by the medium and located in the small town Abadiania, about 120 kilometers from Brasilia. .

"In the treatment is not passed a recipe, the guidelines are transmitted by the spirit, that is, not in a written way," said the medium, quoted by the newspaper.

However, during his interrogation he repeatedly entered into contradiction because, although he denied the prescription of medication, he later stated that his patients received "signed papers" from Joao de Deus, which had to be delivered to his local store. the purchase of certain remedies.


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