The Brazilian Health Minister promises to do his best in the "war" against COVID-19

The Minister of Health of Brazil, Nelson Teich, expressed his solidarity to the families of the more than 10,000 coronavirus deaths in the country on Sunday and assured that he will give "the best" to "quickly overcome this terrible war", that President Jair Bolsonaro has come to call a "flu".

In a message on his social networks, Teich noted that the day dawned with "an enormous duality of feelings", which on the one hand brings "the joy of a day as special as Mother's Day" and, on the other, "the sadness and suffering of having reached the terrible mark of more than 10,000 deaths from COVID-19 in Brazil ".

The minister conveyed his solidarity above all to "the mothers who today mourn the loss of their children" and to "children who cannot commemorate the date with their mothers."

"For these, I leave here my feelings and my commitment to give my best so that we can win this terrible war quickly," said Teich, who has been in charge of the Ministry of Health for three weeks after replacing Luiz Henrique Mandetta, fired by the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, in the midst of a pandemic.

The minister had not publicly positioned himself on the quarantines until last Wednesday, when he admitted at a press conference that, in the face of the accelerated spread of the disease, his office understands the "need" that in some cities containment measures are necessary. Total, as has already been adopted in some municipalities in at least five Brazilian states.

Teich replaced Mandetta, who was following scientific advice and tenaciously defending quarantines to prevent the spread of the virus, while the Brazilian president insists that people must return to work and that the economy should be reactivated because "Brazil does not can stop "for a" flu ".

This Saturday, when Brazil became the sixth country in the world with the most deaths from coronaviruses, when accounting for 10,627 deaths and 155,939 infected, Bolsonaro rode a jet ski and described the country's health crisis as "neurosis", according to a video circulating on social networks and broadcast by the Brazilian media.


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