March 8, 2021

The Brazilian Congress decrees three days of official mourning for the deaths of the coronavirus

The Brazilian Congress on Saturday decreed official mourning for three days in tribute to those killed by the coronavirus, the same day that the country must exceed 10,000 deaths due to the disease.

“This Parliament, which represents the people and the federal balance of this Nation, is not indifferent to this moment of loss, sadness and regret,” said the presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, Rodrigo Maia and Davi Alcolumbre, respectively, in a joint official statement.

According to the measure, published in the Official Journal of Congress, all celebrations, commemorations or festivities are prohibited during the three days of mourning.

The most recent bulletin of the Ministry of Health, released on Friday, counts 9,897 dead and 145,328 infected with coronaviruses in the country, but data compiled by the health secretariats of the states indicate that the South American giant has overcome the barrier of 10,000 this Saturday. deceased.

“The National Congress also suffers the pain of so many Brazilian families who lost their loved ones, without being able to pay them just tributes,” said the parliamentary leaders, adding that the unprecedented health crisis is also “a tragedy that devastates us. every day more”.

They also stressed that Parliament is “doing its part” by taking legislative measures to offer support to individuals, regional governments and businesses.

“Brazil will come out of this pandemic wounded, mourning, saddened, as well as other nations. But it will also come out with an equally great challenge ahead, of resumption, of reconstruction,” they stressed.

In the official note, Maia and Alcolumbre also urged Brazilians to stay home and maintain “the recommendations of the Health authorities”, while the country “prepares for a safe and definitive return to normality.”

The official decree of mourning in Congress comes at a time when Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is having a tough fight with Parliament and the Supreme Court due to his open censorship of the quarantines adopted by governors and mayors to contain the coronavirus .

Since the start of the pandemic, the far-right leader has constantly disregarded the recommendations of the health authorities to avoid crowds and attended various street acts, as well as repeatedly disdaining the victims of COVID-19.

Amid the rapid spread of the disease in Brazil, Bolsonaro even went so far as to suggest that he would do a barbecue this Saturday for “about 30 guests.”

The day before, questioned about the almost 10,000 deaths due to the coronavirus in the country, the president ironized that he would receive “about 3,000 people” for his private barbecue, although he backed off and canceled the event after the wave of criticism he received.

Faced with the strong negative repercussion, Bolsonaro affirmed this Saturday, through his Twitter account, that the event was “fake” and called journalists “idiots”.


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