August 3, 2021

The brake on the resident bonus makes 300 euros per month the longest trips – The Province

The brake on the resident bonus makes 300 euros per month the longest trips - The Province

The Canary Resident Bond, the measure promoted by the regional Executive to offer users of public land transport who reside in the Canary Islands a cheaper rate, would save customers around 300 euros per month on the longest routes of Gran Canaria. If it were applied at the same price as Tenerife already does, a flat rate of 47 euros per month for using the bus unlimitedly on the whole island, a citizen who traveled from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Mogán with one way and return for 22 days for work reasons would have a monthly savings of 338 euros, since the direct payment of 8.75 euros per trip is an expense of 385 euros. From the station of San Telmo to Puerto Rico the cost would be 285 euros less than now and the Lighthouse Maspalomas 223 euros of savings.

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria, which is chaired by Antonio Morales, rejects his position that the Canary Resident Bond will no longer apply, as does Tenerife's since September and will be implemented by Fuerteventura and La Gomera, because there is no "official government document" that sets out the criteria for its activation and that contains a financial statement, "but there is only a draft of the" Executive "order by email that does not have any administrative rigor" , says the Minister of Transport and Mobility of the Gran Canarian Council, Juan Francisco Trujillo.

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of the Canarian Government, Onan Cruz, does not understand why the Cabildo Gran Canaria has this attitude with an initiative that can be applied. Remember that the island corporation of Tenerife has launched the Canary Resident Bond without any problem. Those from Fuerteventura and La Gomera have held meetings with government technicians to apply it on their islands and in La Palma they will have a meeting soon to explain any doubt.

Since the initiative was addressed in a meeting in May with the Canary Federation of Islands (Fecai), where the distribution of resources was established -30 million, of which 12 are for each capital island and the rest for the remaining five islands -, the Executive has held meetings with the island corporations that have shown interest. "Neither me nor the technicians of the Ministry of Transport of the Government have called us from the Cabildo of Gran Canaria", says Onán Cruz, who stresses that with other island corporations communication has been constant.

It states that from the beginning it was agreed that each island will adapt the application of the bonus to the characteristics of each one. "Everyone has the same information and they have been working on it, the proof is that the Cabildo de Tenerife has already started it and if Gran Canaria has not done it, it is their decision", he emphasizes. In any case, if what the Gran Canaria Cabildo wants is a signed order it will have it as soon as possible, says Onán Cruz, but "you can not allow bad politics to be made with this issue and that it is said that an island is favored because this is not the case: the Cabildo de Gran Canaria will have to explain its constituents ", he emphasizes.

Juan Francisco Trujillo maintains that there was a technical meeting on June 18 but no criteria were given and, what's more, he only has "a PDF" of the technical characteristics of the bond and that "does not work for the printing press". Also, only Global and Municipal Guaguas have cancellers for these bonds but other transport concessionaires do not, which requires an investment, he explains.

The councilor of the Gran Canaria council affirms that the corporation is working on the basis of the 12 million euros that is up to the island, but in the draft of the government's communication only eight million are recorded, which is what the State contributes. The Executive notes that the other four million will be articulated in a complementary order.

Insular lawsuit

The councilor of the Gran Canaria council criticizes that the president of the Government, Fernando Clavijo, and the advisers Rosa Dávila and Pablo Rodríguez, have presented the Resident Canary Bond of the Cabildo de Tenerife, and without inviting the rest of the corporations, insinuating that this island benefits .

Onán Cruz insists that it is a proposal for all town councils and what they should do is develop it. In his opinion, "the insular lawsuit" can not be encouraged with this initiative.

This new bonus is aimed at regular users of public transport of all ages resident in the Islands. The voucher allows travel between 47 and 50 euros per month in any line. According to estimates of the Tenerife corporation, a citizen who resides in the metropolitan area and moves to the south of the island for work reasons on public transport can spend around 250 euros each month. For a citizen who moves from Puerto de la Cruz the cost is 140 euros, approximately, and 180 euros if it comes from Icod de los Vinos. With the new bonus only pay 47 euros per month.


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