The boy whose mother tried to kill him in his sleep: "He told me it was a dream"

Exterior of the Provincial Court of Madrid. / Jose Ramon Ladra

The minor, 11 years old, woke up feeling a strong pain in his neck, seeing his mother how he slipped a knife while covering his mouth and nose. The prosecutor and the defense request that he enter a psychiatric hospital

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The son of a woman accused of trying to kill him while he slept next to him has recounted in court how he woke up startled at five in the morning on October 18, 2020 when he felt severe pain in his neck, seeing his mother how he slipped a knife while covering his mouth and nose.

“I saw the knife in my neck and it told me to go to sleep, that it was all a dream while I covered my mouth. I managed to get away and run away from the room », has related the minor, who has been explored by the prosecutor through a videoconference while her mother put her hands to her face with her head down. At the time of the events, the boy was 11 years old.

The defendant faces a request for 18 years in prison for a crime of attempted murder, but both the prosecutor and the defense request that a complete exemption from mental derangement be applied to enter a psychiatric hospital.

According to corroborating forensic reports, ratified in the oral hearing, the woman suffered from borderline personality disorder with mood alteration and depressive disorder, for which her intellectual and volitional faculties were “severely” altered. "There was an episode of disconnection from the environment," the coroner has exposed, indicating that she has "a marked impulsiveness." “That is why this strange behavior is explained, which suggests a psychopathological disorder with a nullity of capacities,” he added.

In her statement, the aggressor has limited herself to pointing out that she does not remember anything. "From all that year, I only remember that we went out to applaud," she said in reference to the applause for the toilets during the home confinement of the first wave of the pandemic.

To questions from the prosecutor, the minor has narrated in court that he was playing the console with his aunt and then went to sleep in his mother's bed. “I woke up feeling pain in my neck and saw my mother with a knife telling me to go to sleep. It's a dream. She had me trapped I don't know how. She tried to stick the knife in me but I managed to escape to the bathroom and I saw a slit », he said. After that, he fled to her aunt's room, who went to see her mother while she was sitting on her bed with her knife. "We left and called an ambulance," he pointed out. The defendant was then admitted to the psychiatric unit of the Hospital 12 de Octubre under police custody.

The ex-partner of the accused has indicated that at the time of the events he was admitted to the hospital. «She called me my sister and she told me that she had tried to cut her throat. That she told the child that it was all a dream », she has said.

Judged facts

According to the prosecutor, the defendant took advantage of the time her eleven-year-old son was sleeping around 5 in the morning to try to cut his neck with a knife. However, the woman herself could not consummate her purpose because the young man woke up from the pain. It was then that the minor began to scream and try to prevent him from covering his mouth and nose. He then gave her mother a push and ran out of the room to ask for help from her aunt, who finally called the police.

The boy suffered an incised wound in the right area of ​​the neck of 12 cm in length. The defendant, at the time of committing the events, suffered from an adjustment disorder, a prolonged depressive reaction and a disorder due to emotional instability of the borderline type personality, in addition to a probable dissociative disorder that seriously altered her intellective and volitional faculties. .

The Prosecutor's Office claims the woman, who has been deprived of liberty for this cause since October 18, 2020, compensation for civil liability of one hundred euros for the days that the minor took to heal from his injuries and other 10,000 euros for moral damages caused.

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