June 21, 2021

The boy died when the firefighters of Marbella helped every day to leave home – La Provincia

Benjamín, the youngest of Marbella who he had paralysis as a result of a tumor and that he needed the help of third parties to be able to leave and return home, he died on Friday because of a stop cardiorespiratory. The boy, aged seven, was diagnosed with a head tumor in late 2018 that resulted in a paralysis that affected his right side of his body and his motor skills and put him in a wheelchair. Benjamín spent the last months of 2018 admitted to the Maternal and Child Hospital of Malaga.

The situation in which was the small, who dreamed of being a football player, met after his mother, Natalia, repeatedly asked the City Council, different social assistance to meet Benjamin after being forced to leave his job in Marbella hotel. Among the requests, the one of social housing equipped for Benjamin could move with the wheelchair, in addition to subsidies for dependency, disability, lease or dependent child. Natalia started asking for help in January, but it never came.

The boy lived with his mother and his sister, aged 12, in a house located on the fourth floor of a building that lacks an elevator, so Benjamín needed outside help to get out and return home. He found it in the firefighters of Marbella, that every morning and every evening, they took him and brought him from school, and in the users of the Sho-Dan gym, next to the house, with which he left in the afternoons to take walks.

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