The boost from tourism generates 233,000 jobs in June and brings employment to pre-pandemic levels




Tourism begins to take off and its momentum is already noticeable in the recovery. The month of June closed with a rise in enrollment of 233,000 jobs compared to the previous month, which places it at prendemic levels, and a drop in unemployment of 166,911 people, the largest drop in any month since there are records and of which benefit all communities. The advance of vaccination, the end of confinements and the relaxation of social distance measures are behind the improvement in the activity of services related to hospitality and leisure.

According to the data released today by the Ministry of Social Security, the number of affiliates stood at 19,267,915 people in June, 1.06% more, up to June 2019 levels. The push of services is undeniable: the increase of employed in accommodation services added 21.16%, while sports entertainment activities grew 4.82%, food and beverage services 4.31% and libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities 3, 90%.

Practically all the autonomous communities noticed the improvement, but those that were most affected by the blockade on tourism stand out, such as the Balearic Islands, which increases membership by 14.7% in summer. Also Castilla-la Mancha (2.17%) and Cantabria (1.71%) pull job creation and only La Rioja saw its affiliation reduced, by -0.11%.

After having suffered an unprecedented crisis from the pandemic, the effects on the statistics of the beginning of the recovery are profound. Unemployment falls by -4.41%, with 394,450 people, although there are still 3,614,339 unemployed in our country. This is the lowest figure since March 2020, when the Covid pandemic arrived, at which point the economy was already beginning to show signs of slowing down.

It is also services that register a better performance of these figures, with a fall of 131,217 people (-4.94%), while industry falls by 12,698 people (-4.25%), construction by 11,763 people ( -4.02%) and the group of people without previous employment in 13,115 (-3.73%). However, unemployment fell in June in all sectors, except in agriculture, where it rose by 1,882 people (+ 1%), due to the end of the strawberry harvest campaign.

The unknown in the face of this still uncertain recovery continues to lie with the people who are still covered by an ERTE or receiving the extraordinary benefit. According to data from the Ministry of Social Security, in June there were 447,800 people in ERTE and 230,000 self-employed, receiving the extraordinary benefit of cessation of activity. The pace of reactivation has slowed this last month, having reduced by 94,322 people, if measured by the date of notification of the ERTE and 44,692 less if it is by the date of registration of the file.

Nor does the quality of the job offer any signs of optimism. Of the 1,798,047 contracts that were signed in June, 55% more than in the same month of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, only 172,866 were permanent, representing 9.6% of the total.

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