April 11, 2021

The “boom” of pets, special report on ‘Out of plane’ – La Provincia

In the Canary Islands there are more dogs than children under 15 years oldand amount to 630,000 censored pets. In addition, 40% of Spanish households have one of them and the business they generate moves 1,200 million euros a year. Some data that leads to‘Out of plane’to deal with the change in the role that pets have experienced in families and to the debate about their humanization although it also addresses the other side: abandonment and abuse.

The program will include derivatives such as the company that animals offer in the face of an increasingly widespread loneliness or the therapeutic benefits they generate for a large number of patients. All this in a growing increase in the cost of care, especially in food, comfort and veterinary treatments.

But not all situations are positive sincethe introduction of exotic species has also increased in the Canary Islandsto acquire them as pets with very harmful effects for the native fauna of the Islands.

Nor is it positive that the Archipelago isone of the autonomous communities that leads the abandonment of animals, especially dogs and cats, which end up in overflowing centers due to their high occupancy and, on occasion, relieve by sacrifice.

A situation that has led several associations to request that the Canary Islands establish the“zero sacrifice”. While other autonomies have passed laws in this regard, this practice continues in the Islands due to the lack of space and the difficulty of relocating these pets to other families.

Out of planeIt will also address the use of animals for experimentation, a controversy that places the debate between medical and scientific progress for the benefit of people, on the one hand, and the requirement of animal welfare, on the other.


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