The bookstore Los Portadores de Sueños closes after 14 years of cultural avant-garde in Zaragoza | Culture

David Trueba, Enrique Vila-Matas, Antonio Muñoz Molina, Iñaki Gabilondo, Rosa Montero, Andrés Neuman, Lolita Bosch and Fernando Aramburu are some of the authors who have become part of the active story of The Bearers of Dreams. The bookstore, run by Eva Cosculluela and Félix González, opened its doors in the center of Zaragoza in November 2004, in 2012 it received the Cultural Bookstore Award granted by Cegal (Spanish Confederation of Booksellers' Guild and Associations) and the Ministry of Culture and will close on January 24, after 14 years as a center of cultural activity in Aragon and throughout the country.

Among the main cause of closure Cosculluela highlights the economic pressure. "We do not sell enough books to be viable. We are a bookstore in the background and having the shelves full of books supposes to have a huge immobilized capital. In addition, the investment that must be made each month to buy the news is very high. " This connects with another of the reasons: "a crazed sector". "I do not know why but lately there are many distributor changes in publishers. This means that each month we have to return our book fund to three or four publishers so that the new distributor can send them back to us. It is a huge wear. " And this is precisely the third reason why they say goodbye to the business: "From the first minute we thought of it as a lively, dynamic place, in which to offer a quality cultural program. But we can not do more than we do and even then it's not enough. "

The wear and tear of a family business has left its mark on this couple who did not have an easy start. They opened in 2004 and before they were five years old the economic crisis hit Spain, which did not help the bookstore take off. "It stopped everything and we were halved," he laments Cosculluela. "If we had spent more years we would have had an economic cushion and a fixed clientele that would have allowed us to pass the crisis better, but we did not arrive".

Juancho Pons, president of Cegal and owner of the Pons bookstore in the same city, affirms "that a bookstore like this, that offers a unique and specialized work, that is a model of a bookstore, is not valued by readers is bleak". And notes that of the 20 bookstores that have won the Cultural Book Award "is the third that has closed, which is a sign that something is not doing well."

One of the most talked about closings was the one Barcelona bookshop Black and Criminal in 2015. At that time, Paco Camarasa, owner of the space, clearly pointed out the murderer of his business: the cheating client. "We have run out of customers," he said. Now, Pons and Cosculluela they point out equally clearly to the business on-line as one of the evils of the small bookstores. "In recent years there have been important changes in the consumer model, especially in young customers, who buy everything online," says the, still, bookstore. "And it's normal, how we compete if the distributor takes three days to send us a copy and Amazon only one to take it to the readers' house. We can not, "he concludes. And it demands more attention to the activity of bookstores while they remain open, while they can still stand, and not only when their end is already final, like theirs.

In spite of everything, throughout so many years they have collected "wonderful" moments, but if they have to choose, says Cosculluela, they stay with the people. "We have great customers, but we have also met fantastic authors or publishers with whom we have created links and have become friends. In addition to the fellow booksellers, who have always helped us in everything. " Among these friends Aramburu stands out, this morning he has published a text in his Blog before the news of the closing. These are some of the words he dedicates to them: "Felix and Eva were not limited to the book trade. They held an intense cultural activity under the roof of their premises. I said, the closing of the bookstore has hit me hard ".


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