The books never die

Some believe that in Spain too many books are published, more than those that are read or sold. That's right - as in other countries - however, readers grow and grow more with a good reading plan.

One of the greatest pleasures that can be given to a person who likes to read, and does so continuously, even compulsively, is to enter a bookstore and see the tables full of books, with the narcotizing smell of ink and craving. of wanting to take them all under his arm. It is a sign of civilization, as can a florist or a bakery. In recent years, it has been said that in Spain too many books are published, when compared to the reading level. We are the third country in the European Union that spends less on books, newspapers and stationery, 0.7% of the total disbursement of households (data from the Eurostat community statistics). However, there are reasons for optimism. The number of readers reaches 61.8% of the population and the number of frequent readers has also grown - those who read once or twice a week, which is not bad -, which reaches 49,%. Of course, 38.2% of Spaniards never read. In Spain, 76,202 annual titles are published, however, about 12,000 should be subtracted from this figure, corresponding to textbooks for student use only. In addition, we must add books for teachers and other academic materials, which amounts to a total of 33,222 titles (according to the National Association of Textbook Publishers, Anele). In turn, it should be added that they are edited for the curricula of all the autonomous communities –without political distinction–, in Spanish (16,307), Catalan (5,348), Basque (1,221), Valencian (1,386) and Galician (917 ), in addition to English (6,613). It is a special case unprecedented in all the countries around us: each community wants to differentiate itself from the other - some more than others - without sharing history and not even rivers. The United Kingdom is the country that publishes the most books (2,710 per million inhabitants; Spain, 1,552), but that has more to do with its production. English is the second most spoken language in the EU, for scientific, technical and administrative use. On the other hand, reading comprehension in Great Britain (Pisa report data) is at medium level (272 against the highest in Japan, with 296 points). The one in Spain is still lower (252).

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