The Book Fair celebrates its longest edition with 177 presentations

It is an edition of a new normal that is committed to supporting and strengthening the work of booksellers and famous Canarian authors, such as Tomás Morales, who will have a special role. During yesterday’s session, Christian Gálvez spoke about his book Hannah, which is his third visit to the city. The author recalled that this book “was presented in Madrid a week before the world of culture was turned off” with the pandemic and now “it is reborn on an island where it said goodbye to the worst of the years of our lives.”

Subsequently, the children’s writer Margarita del Mazo, celebrated being at this fair “wanting to tell the sheep in the children’s tent the story of the King of the Forest” that she presented yesterday and appreciated that in confinement “more has been read.” On behalf of the Association of Booksellers, Antonio Rivero pointed out that this new edition “brings a certain normality” after the health crisis, and is an opportunity to “meet books and authors” after a year in which reading has been fundamental.

Authors of popular pull such as Sonsoles Onegas, Julio Llamazares or Alonso Camarrós attend


The general director of Commerce and Consumption of the Government of the Canary Islands, David Miller, then clarified that this fair “has managed to have a benchmark position on the national calendar” and stressed the importance of supporting booksellers “more than ever”.

Next, the Minister of the Presidency of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Teodoro Sosa, put the accent on the 33 years of the fair, which speak of a “mature and consolidated event” that, despite the situation, “continues to show a courage to praise ». In Sosa’s opinion, “a people without culture is a people without identity,” and that is why this event is “on the side of authors and writers” with a special role for Tomás Morales, who will be used this year for “the vindication of the history”.


The Councilor for Culture of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Encarna Galván, has underlined the “unity” of the institutions around the Fair. The booksellers, he said, “are supply and demand for books and serve, like the fair, for the promotion of a very important habit”, because literature is “fundamental for artistic creation and favors personal development in an integral way.” Among the cycles that are part of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Book Fair program include general, children’s and youth literature, Rainbow Ink, and the Continuous Session of Canarian authors, among others. The Tent dedicated to General Literature located in the Cinemax Room of the Elder Museum began with force yesterday with the presentation of the book CD Sonora Atlántico so that the public can listen to the poems of Tomás Morales with the voice and music of the singer-songwriter Eduardo Perdomo.

Later, the doctor Miguel Ángel Martínez spoke in La Sanidad en llamas, about the mismanagement of the pandemic and its consequences. The highlight of the day came with Christian Gálvez, who released his book Hannah, a fast paced novel in the rescue from oblivion the story of the German consul in Florence Gerhard Wolf and events whose consequences serve as a warning in a loaded present of uncertainty.

The cycles are divided into general literature, children, youth, Tinta Arcoiris and a special by Canarian authors


To finish in the General Literature tent, the program reserved the moment for Carlos Dávalos and his novel La furia del silencio, in which readers identified echoes of Rome by Alfonso Cuarón and the deep mark left by Mario’s The City and the Dogs Vargas Llosa. The Children’s Tent this year is located in the outer area of ​​Parque Santa Catalina, which began with Tereza Delgado and the illustrator José Monzón with the presentation of Igalot, a beautiful story about diversity that is followed by the well-known author of Children’s literature Pedro Mañas, who along with David Sierra talks about the Ana Abrakadabra Saga and the adventures of the Club de la Luna with the seventh installment, entitled The Secret of the Forest. The multi-award-winning author from Madrid, Margarita del Mazo, held a storytelling session in which Valeria, awarded the National Parenting Product Awards, and El rey del bosque, a finalist for the Miami Four Cats Award, stood out.

Yesterday spoke Christian Gálvez, Margarita del Mazo and Quan Zhou Wu, among other authors


The Youth Tent, located in the Pioneers Room of the Elder Museum, welcomed Ángel David Santana with his disturbing novel What my demons whisper. Next, Quan Zhou Wu from Madrid spoke about her latest comic from the Astiberry publishing house, People from here, people from there, about immigration from a youthful and vindictive point of view. Sandra Franco and Juan José Monzón took the lead with the second part of their novel El reloj de Erwinda under the title You have returned, old friend, which brings the public closer to the lives of brave and visionary women who with their impetus and courage tried to change the world.

The Sala Pioneros closed with the Cycle Tinta Arcoiris y Transparencias, a book by youtuber Selena Milan, the first Spanish influencer to come out of the closet on social networks and had her life since then. For the public that loves Canarian literature, there was the Tomás Morales Tent in Parque Santa Catalina, with its intense daily programming.

Featured Schedule for Today

17.00 hours. Elder’s Cinemax Room

Aurora Moreno presents’ Climate change in Africa. Effects, adaptation strategies and solutions from the continent ‘.

5:00 pm Z. Infantil, Sta. Catalina

Samy Bayala, author of titles such as ‘Rayo de luna, Claro de sol’, or ‘When the toads fall in love’, her latest illustrated work presents ‘El titiriero y la Luna’.

6:00 p.m. S. Pioneros, M. Elder

El Chojin offers in a book like ‘Siete Martes’ a story “that combines toxic love and racial prejudice in today’s Madrid.

6:00 pm Sala Cinemax, M. Elder

Mayte Uceda presents ‘The Guardian of the Tide’, a play set during World War I that connects with the History of the Canary Islands and the people who traveled on the Valbanera.

7:00 p.m. S. Pioneros, M. Elder

Noemi Parra opens in ‘History of affections’ the space to a narrative about the changes related to the emergence of trans childhood and adolescence.


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