The bonus to the buses generates division in the Government

Image of the Government Council held yesterday. / c7

Podemos joins the opposition by demanding free public transport on the islands and demanding equalization with the rest of the territory

B. Hernandez

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The affirmation of
Executive spokesman, Julio Pérez, ensuring that the
50% bonus to the bus bonus "is good news" because initially
Canary Islands was excluded from the system of subsidies announced for land transport, it is not shared by all
government partners.

In this sense,
Can joined the opposition yesterday to claim the
Condition the
free public transport interurban trains in the autonomous community, as will happen with commuter and medium-distance trains on the peninsula and in Mallorca.

From the purple formation it was indicated that it was not necessary for the counselor
Naomi Santana expose in the
government council yesterday the position of his organization in this regard "because he was already informed and knew it".

The coordinator of Podemos in the Canary Islands, Laura Fuentesstates through a statement that the 50% subsidy announced by
Pedro Sanchez this very week
It is insufficient and places the Canary Islands at a clear disadvantage compared to the rest of the territory.

In his opinion, "respect for the island reality and commitment to sustainability cannot be applied selectively" and points out that, although the measures proposed for the Canary Islands "are not misguided, at the moment
they stay halfway".

Fuentes insists that the possibility of offering
“public, sustainable and free” mobility the canaries cannot be allowed to pass "due to lack of ambition" and shows "full confidence" that the progressive government will listen to this claim that it describes as
"common sense".

"Reason for satisfaction"

After the Governing Council held yesterday, the spokesman and counselor for Public Administrations, Julio Pérez, considered
“important and a reason for satisfaction” that, compared to the first information that left the Canary Islands out of these subsidies for not having trains, now 50% has been reached.

In the days to come, he said,
amounts will be determined but he insisted that "we are satisfied that the situation in the Canary Islands has been taken into account, because at first the advantages were imitated in peninsular territory."

He added that this measure, which involves halving the cost of the bus bonus
“cannot be devalued”.

CC: "A mockery of the State"

For its part,
Canarian Coalition described as "mockery" of the State to the Canary Islands that the subsidy of the bus ticket is 50%.
The secretary general of the nationalists and senator, Fernando Clavijodenounced that «Pedro Sánchez rewards free train transport throughout Spain, including the Balearic Islands, while
the Canary Islands are punished with 50% in the buses».

Clavijo reproached that
the president "still does not understand what the Canary Islands are» and «what is worse, he still does not understand that the impact of any economic crisis or recession, such as that derived from the pandemic or inflation, is greater on the islands than in the rest of the territory of the State».

He understands that the central government has acted "with a
double measuring stick», since «while the citizen in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands can have the option of moving between their work center and their home for free by train, in the Canary Islands that is not allowed».

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