The BOE publishes the public employment offer for 2019, with 33,793 places

The State official newsletter (BOE) publishes on Tuesday the decrees that develop the public employment offer for 2019, which will have a total of 33,793 places, including in this figure places already approved (such as the 383 derived from Brexit) and others that have been authorized to stabilize the templates in Justice and Education.

This year's offer is almost 10% higher than the offer registered in 2018, since it has 2,949 more places than those offered last year. In addition, according to the Ministry of Public Function, it is the highest registered in the last 11 years.

The places of the public employment offer are 28,539, plus 5,254 corresponding to the stabilization of temporary employment. Specifically, 20,781 positions correspond to the General State Administration (AGE), 1,814 to the Armed Forces, 5,561 to the State Security Forces and Corps and 383 positions that were already convened in February in anticipation of the Brexit effect.

Of the total of places corresponding to the stabilization of temporary employment, 2,528 correspond to the scope of the AGE, 2,237 to the area of ​​justice and 489 to education.

This offer of public employment will be used as an instrument for planning human resources, through the incorporation of tools that make it possible to make the most efficient use of the distribution of the places of supply, and will strengthen the provision of the State Peripheral Administration with a total of 15,837 places, 47%.

The Government has emphasized that this is the first time that a public employment offer has been launched in accordance with a multi-year and base-0 methodology, which bases the decisions on the real needs of human resources to be satisfied according to the previous year.

Likewise, the offer takes into account both the aging of the public administration staff and the result of the different selection processes. Among the novelties, it also highlights that this offer will apply the elimination as an exclusion objective for access to public employment of the diagnosis of diabetes, celiac disease, psoriasis or HIV.

The offer of 33,793 jobs has been agreed with CSIF, CC.OO., UGT and CIG and is developed in several royal decrees referred to the General State Administration (AGE), State Security Forces and Bodies and stabilization in the Justice and Education field.

Currently, the platform of the General State Administration (AGE) is 135,476 employees, with an average age that practically is around 52 years, ten years more than the total of the active population of the country, which is around 42, 5 years.

The aging of the Administration staff has been accelerating in recent years and has gone from 46 years in 2004 to 47 years on average in 2008 and 49 years in 2012, reaching 52 years in 2019.


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