The BOE publishes the increase in the minimum wage at 164 euros per month

The BOE publishes the increase in the minimum wage at 164 euros per month


The Official State Gazette (BOE) has published this Thursday the rise of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) up to 900 euros per month to be effective in 2019, which represents an increase of 22.3%, equivalent to 164 euros per month. This increase was approved on December 21 by the Council of Ministers held in Barcelona through a royal decree that did not need convalidaci├│n in the Congress of Deputies and that thus fulfilled the budget agreement between the Government and Podemos for the next year.

With this increase, the highest since 1977 and raising annual revenues to 12,600 euros, the Government seeks to bring the Spanish SMI closer to the European average and, at the same time, boost consumption and the collection of Social Security contributions.

This minimum salary must be paid to both fixed and temporary workers, as well as domestic employees. "The aforementioned increase serves to improve the general conditions of the economy and aims to prevent poverty at work and encourage a more dynamic general salary growth," explains the Royal Decree published in the BOE.

He adds that in order to guarantee the right to a "fair and sufficient" remuneration for a "decent" standard of living, the European Committee of Social Rights has interpreted that the SMI must be around 60% of the average salary of the workers.

"Raising the minimum interprofessional salary to 900 euros per month brings us closer to that recommendation", explains the royal decree in his explanatory memorandum, in which he points out that this measure is "decisive" for job creation and economic recovery to be translated in a progressive real reduction of poverty and wage inequality.


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