The BOE publishes the assets of the Government and senior officials without details of their assets, debts or shares

The Official State Gazette (BOE) has published this Friday the patrimony of the members of the Government and high positions of the Executive. As it happened in 2018, the information that has been made public does not contain details about the number or type of real estate that is declared, nor does it reflect the name of the companies of which shares are declared or what their debts correspond to. It is only a sum of the money they have and the detail of what they owe.

The document reflects the sum of the real estate of these high officials, the money they have deposited in checking accounts or their shares in companies and investment funds, but without breaking down. The document also reflects the amount of their life insurance and pension plans -if they have- and other assets and rights of economic content, another section without any detail. Lastly, the table for each senior position includes their liabilities, all their debts, but it is neither broken down nor specified what they owe. The statements are far from those that the deputies are obliged to publish, in which they do have to give all those details.

Of the Government’s assets, the 1.17 million euros that José Luis Escrivá in shares and participations stand out, the one that most declares in this section throughout the Executive. It is followed by Pedro Duque, who includes in that section that he has shares and participations worth 1.12 million euros. In both cases there is no breakdown of which companies they participate in. Manuel Castells is the one that declares the most assets (worth two million euros) but also the one with the highest outstanding debt, of 1.1 million.

Pedro Sanchez, President of the goverment. According to his statement, he has just over 180,000 euros in real estate and 73,000 in his checking accounts. The chief executive also declares holdings worth 5,550 euros and a pension plan to which he has already allocated almost 86,000 euros. In other unspecified economic rights, he declares 27,600 euros, while his debts amount to 161,329 euros.

Carmen Calvo, Vice President Minister of the Presidency and Relations with the Courts. In the property and real estate section, he adds 264,800 euros, while he declares that he has almost 67,000 euros in his checking accounts. Calvo assures that he does not own shares of any kind, but he does detail that he has 132,000 euros in life insurance and pension plans. Its debt amounts to 123,038 euros.

Nadia Calviño, Vice President of Economy and Digital Transformation. The head of Economy only declares real estate worth 289,000 euros and savings in checking accounts of 47,000 euros. No shares, no pension plans, no debts.

Pablo Iglesias, Vice President of Social Rights and Agenda 2030. On the verge of leaving the Government, Iglesias declares 233,000 euros in real estate and 111,000 in checking accounts. It also includes 187,500 euros in pension plans and life insurance, other assets worth 8,000 euros and a debt of 231,156 euros.

Teresa Ribera, Vice President of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge. It only declares 142,000 euros in real estate and 200,000 saved in checking accounts.

Maria Jesus Montero, spokesperson and Minister of Finance. The value of his real estate amounts to 113,200 euros, while his money in checking accounts is 18,124 euros. It also declares 500 euros in other assets and a debt of 112,800 euros.

Juan Carlos Campo, Justice minister. His statement includes real estate worth 141,500 euros and savings of 67,000 euros, to which are added 121,500 euros in life insurance and pension plans and 33,000 in other assets. It does not declare debts.

Arancha González Laya, Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. In his statement, only assets and real estate worth 80,000 euros are recorded. Of course, his savings amount to almost 800,000 euros. It does not declare shares, pension plans or debts.

Margarita Robles, Minister of Defense. He assures that he has 267,000 euros in real estate and 412,000 euros in checking accounts. His life insurance and pension plans amount to almost 94,000 euros, and he does not declare debts.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Minister of interior. The former judge has 40,000 euros in real estate and more than 400,000 in checking accounts. His statement includes 10,000 euros in shares and 4,600 euros in other assets.

Yolanda Diaz, Minister of Labor. The future third vice president owns real estate worth almost 40,000 euros and 7,300 euros in shares. Otherwise, it includes 3,400 euros in other assets and debts amounting to 25,300 euros.

Alberto Garzón, Minister of Consumption. The IU leader declares 111,364 euros in property and real estate and 17,000 euros in checking accounts. For the rest, include in your declaration just over 2,000 euros in other assets and debts worth 157,200 euros.

Jose Luis Ábalos, Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. The value of the real estate he owns is 122,000 euros and he has 15,476 euros in the bank. The data published this Friday in the BOE also includes that it declares 30,378 euros in life insurance and pension plans and a liability of almost 200,000 euros. In goods and rights of economic content it has 56,808 euros.

Pedro Duque, Minister of Science and Innovation. The astronaut is one of the members of the Council of Ministers with a lower amount in real estate (37,628 euros). The bulk of the astronaut’s assets are shares and participations (1.12 million euros). To these amounts are added the 57,000 euros declared in other unspecified assets and 215,600 euros in deposits in bank accounts. You have no debts.

Luis Planas, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. The minister’s assets exceed 313,000 euros. Most correspond to the value of their real estate (218,148 euros) and other types of property and rights of economic content (73,356 euros). To these figures are added the 21,982 euros that it has deposited in accounts. Assumes a debt of 20,628 euros.

Isabel Celáa, Minister of Education and Vocational Training. The holder of the teaching portfolio has a liability of almost 123,000 euros. Likewise, its real estate amounts to 395,155 euros and the rest of its properties – along with rights of economic content – to 62,000 euros. Celáa also has 132,350 euros in its bank accounts and 565,825 euros in shares. He has contracted life insurance for a value of 109,644 euros.

Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. The value of the real estate in your name is 275,569 euros. Maroto has 188,292 euros in deposits, 2,097 euros in shares and 12,000 euros in other assets and rights of economic content. To that statement are added 41,000 euros paid in life insurance and pension plans. Its debts amount to 58,369 euros.

Manuel Castells, Minister of Universities. The holder of the higher education portfolio assumes a liability of 1.11 million euros, while declaring 2.19 million euros in real estate and 1.4 million euros in life insurance. To these data must be added 324,280 euros in bank accounts and 21,878 euros in other assets and rights of economic content.

Irene Montero, Minister of Equality. According to his statement, he has 335,049 euros in real estate and 107,420 euros in his bank accounts. The owner of the Equality portfolio has also taken out life insurance and pension plans (187,500 euros) and faces a liability of 231,156 euros.

Carolina Darias, Minister of Health. The debts of the national responsible for health amount to 100,000 euros. The statement published by the BOE is the one that Darias provided as Minister of Territorial Policy, since the change in the Ministry of Health has occurred a few weeks ago. At that time the minister declared 160,000 euros in real estate, 11,069 euros in other properties and 125,000 euros in bank deposits. It has underwritten life insurance and pension plans for a value of 3,170 euros and has 141 euros in shares.

Jose Luis Escrivá, Minister of Social Security, Inclusion and Migration. The BOE publishes that the value of real estate in the name of Escrivá amounts to almost 400,000 euros, an amount to which must be added 32,000 euros in other assets and rights of economic content. Escrivá has 17,000 euros in bank deposits, 1.17 million euros in shares and 255,000 euros in life insurance and pension plans. His debts amount to 296,338 euros.

Jose Manuel Rodriguez, Minister of Culture and Sports. Declare 80,000 euros in real estate, 17,000 euros in other assets and 30,000 euros deposited in the bank. To these amounts must be added 20,000 euros in life insurance and pension plans. You have no debts.

Miquel Iceta, Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function. Your statement is not published because your appointment occurred on january 26 and the regulation that regulates the dissemination of these data establishes that during the first quarter of each year the information related to the senior positions that have taken office the previous year will be published.


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