The body presents polytraumastisms, according to the preliminary report of the autopsy

The body presents polytraumastisms, according to the preliminary report of the autopsy

The autopsy performed on Julen, the two-year-old boy who died after falling to a well on January 13 in Totalán and whose body has been rescued in the early hours of Saturday, reveals that the minor he suffered polytraumatisms and that his fall was on his feet.

The autopsy determines that the little boy jumped upright in the well and his arms were up, according to Efe sources close to the research, who also stressed that the small presents erosions compatible with friction in the fall.

They have also specified that the death would have occurred in the hours close to the fall in the well on January 13, which was when the alert was activated for the rescue of the child, reports Ep.

The lifeless body of Julen has been located at 1.25 hours this Saturday covered with earth and 71 meters deep, to where it was precipitated from the hole about 25 centimeters in a "fast and free" way. The boy was between two earth clusters, which are now analyzed to see if they match the walls of the well.

One of the most likely theses is that, in the fall itself, it was detaching soil from the walls of the well, "very imperfect, very sandy", according to the Government delegate in Andalusia, who has not been able to offer certainty, despite the fact that there are "various theories" regarding the origin of the "cap" found within it.

After the fall to the well the boy ran into a dirt floor, specifying that, from that height the well was filled with earth. In addition, the air that could exist was that between the feet and the head of the child.

Julen will be buried tomorrow in the cemetery of the Malaga neighborhood of El Palo. The burial of the child is scheduled for 1:30 p.m., and a religious ceremony will be held at 12:30 a.m., according to the municipal company Parque Cementerio de Málaga (Parcemasa).

The coffin with the remains of Julen has arrived at four this afternoon to the cemetery of El Palo from the Institute of Legal Medicine of Malaga, where he has performed the autopsy.

The removal of the corpse, whose autopsy began at 8:30 am and ended early in the afternoon, was carried out by the judicial authority, who was moved to the area at about 4 am.

He was later transferred to the Clinical Hospital of Malaga to perform a radiological study, as indicated to Efe by the same sources, and then taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Malaga.

The autopsy has been sent to the competent judicial authority although some tests are pending that will be made in the next few days after the collection of samples in the body of the child.


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