The body found in Tenerife is that of Olivia

It has also confirmed that the father and the other little girl are located on the seabed.

This confirmation comes after the President of the Government himself, Pedro Sanchez, confirmed the success in the search carried out by the 'Angeles Alvariño' through a tweet of condolence. "I cannot imagine the pain of the mother of little Anna and Olivia, who disappeared in Tenerife, in the face of the terrible news that we have just learned. My hug, my love and that of my whole family, who today stands in solidarity with Beatriz and her loved ones dear "

On the afternoon of this Thursday the Government Delegation in the Canary Islands reported that a Dead bodyapparently of a minor, in the search area of ​​the missing girls in Tenerife, Anna and Olivia. This fact has already been communicated to the mother and the family of the minors.

"Out of respect for the family and the judicial procedure," the Delegation points out, "we must wait for what the judicial authority determines on the identification of the body."

The Civil Guard tracking work continues at the scene of the event, one nautical mile from the port of Güímar, 44 days after the disappearance of the little girls and their father.

Girls Anna and Olivia, ages one and six, they disappeared along with his father, Tomás Gimeno, at the end of April. The alarms went off when on Tuesday, April 27, he did not deliver them to his mother, Beatriz Zimmermann.

Since April 28, the Search device for girls and their father by land, sea and airAfter being empty on the high seas and adrift in front of the small port of Güímar, Tomás Gimeno's boat. Through the security cameras it was learned that the man had set sail on the 28th at night with his boat from the Marina of Santa Cruz de Tenerife but was without the girls. Of course, it carried several packages.

Gimeno's car and a car seat floating in the sea were also found in the port of Santa Cruz.

In addition to the boat, several searches were carried out on the farm owned by Gimeno, where he lived with the girls when he had them with him. All of them were unsuccessful. In the fifth search the dogs 'Juno' and 'Bil' intervened, who roamed the orchards behind the house in search of biological remains.

The dismissal of the presence of the girls and their father on the Tenerife estate gave rise to two theories. One of them was the kidnapping of the girls by their father with transshipment at sea to another vessel. For this reason, several boats sailing through the area were tracked when the father and the girls disappeared. This theory placed the girls and Gimeno in a South American or Caribbean country without an extradition agreement with Spain. The family worked to disseminate images of the girls in international media in order to discover any clue of the three abroad.

Meanwhile, the hypothesis of the murder of the girls by the father and his subsequent suicide by throwing himself into the sea. To this end, the ship 'Ángeles Alvariño' was mobilized, what He has been tracking the seabed near the area where Gimeno's boat circulated for ten days after leaving the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The ship was scheduled to work for eight days on these tasks, but finally, after the discovery of a oxygen cylinder and a duvet cover belonging to the father, tracking work at sea has been prolonged. This Wednesday it emerged that no biological remains had been found in the duvet cover. But at the same time it was beginning to speculate that the cylinder had been used as ballast. In turn, there was talk of absence in the boat of the lead belt that Gimeno used to dive.


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