The Board sees well expand the scope of "the word violence" as raised by Vox

The Board sees well expand the scope of "the word violence" as raised by Vox

The government spokesman, Elías Bendodo, reported on Tuesday that the Andalusian government is going to push a large agreement against gender violence and has indicated that "in principle" they see well the approach that Vox makes to "expand the scope of the word violence. "

Bendodo, in the press conference after the Governing Council, has indicated that the regional government is "against any violence, against women, against men, against children, against animals and against the whole world."

Vox defends the implementation of a law of "intrafamily violence", which does not focus only on what they consider "a gender ideology that criminalizes men", extending to all areas of violence in the family, among which they can be women, men, children or the elderly.

"I do not know whether or not it will confirm what Vox says", added Bendodo, who still remembered that this is a topic that must be discussed in a "common area" in which all parties can "make their proposals" "

Bendodo has argued that violence against women is "one of the most important scourges" of society and has considered that "there is no time or resources to lose when the integrity of women is at stake", which is why the Ministry of Equality will begin the procedures to find that great agreement.

The pact would be budgeted to make it effective, because otherwise it would be "wet paper," according to Bendodo, who understands that an "ambitious" strategic framework is needed to prevent and eradicate sexist violence.

The intention is to coordinate the measures of the State Pact against Gender Violence and those provided for in the legislation, the spokesperson added.

He has opined that "in this fight" everyone fits and that they will not exclude anyone or turn gender violence "into a political banner", since "no political force or ideology" can "patrimonialize it".


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