October 22, 2020

The Board lifts the confinement of Medina del Campo but imposes restrictions on social activities for 7 days

The Ministry of Health does not extend the confinement of Medina del Campo (Valladolid) that fulfilled 14 days this Tuesday, but has published in the Official Gazette of Castilla y León (Bocyl) an order imposing restrictions on social activities for 7 days from this Wednesday and that may be extendable depending on the epidemiological evolution.

“Despite having finalized the effectiveness of the measures, adopted by Order SAN / 981/2020, of September 29, at 00:00 hours on October 14 and despite the improvement in epidemiological data, the current situation in the municipality of Medina del Campo, reflected in the epidemiological report prepared by the General Directorate of Public Health, imposes the adoption, in its territorial scope, of new measures aimed at limiting the number of people for the development of certain activities or events, whether of a family or social nature, on public roads, in public spaces or in private spaces, in order to control the transmission of the disease, “the order states.

In this way, Healthcare adopts measures practically traced to those it imposed last September in Valladolid and Salamanca, with the exception of places of worship, such as masses. In both capitals the maximum number of attendees could not exceed 25 people while in Medina it was limited to one third of the capacity.

The order reduces to a maximum of 10 people the participation in any group or meeting of a private or family nature that takes place in both public and private spaces, except in the case of cohabiting people.

Consumption inside bars and cafes must be done sitting at the table and in restaurants and gastronomic societies, consumption is prohibited at the bar and in the cafeteria or bar area. Both inside the premises and on the outdoor terraces, a minimum distance between tables or groups of tables of 1.5 meters must be guaranteed, with a maximum of 6 people per table or group of them.

In addition, in all hotel and restaurant establishments and gastronomic societies, as well as, where appropriate, in the outdoor terraces, consumption is not allowed standing up and in these activities the use of a mask and interpersonal distance will be extreme.

Attendance at places of worship may not exceed one third of their capacity and the minimum interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters must be guaranteed in any case and the use of a mask and in wakes, a maximum of 15 people must be respected in open spaces free or ten in closed spaces, whether or not they live together. Participation in the entourage for the burial or dismissal for the cremation of the deceased person is restricted to a maximum of 15 people, among relatives and close friends, in addition to, where appropriate, the minister of worship or assimilated person of the respective confession for the practice of the funeral rites of farewell to the deceased.

In the case of holding sporting events, training sessions and sporting competitions in sporting facilities or on public roads, they may be held with the public, with a limit of 25 people for closed spaces and 50 people for outdoor activities.

In the case of conditions for occupation of common areas of hotels and tourist accommodation, animation activities or group classes must be designed and planned with a maximum capacity of 10 people, including monitors, and the necessary measures must be established to ensure the distance from interpersonal security during the development of the activity except in the case of cohabitants.


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