July 4, 2020

The Board approves the list of deputies with the votes against PP and Vox

The Bureau of Congress approved on Wednesday the official list of deputies, with the votes against PP and Vox for considering that in some cases the legal system has not been complied with the formulas of oath or promise expressed in the constitutive session of the Camera.

This was stated by the second vice president of the Bureau, Ana Pastor (PP), at the end of the first meeting of the body that regulates the operation of the Congress of Deputies and which has among its first responsibilities the approval of the official list of deputies.

The list has been officially approved with six votes in favor (PSOE and Podemos) and three against (PP and Vox), by taking for granted all the constitutional compliance formulas used in yesterday's session.

For his part, the deputy of Vox and fourth vice president of the Bureau Ignacio Gil Lázaro has explained that his training has presented a written against the legality of these compliances that has been dismissed, while arguing that the Constitution was violated and the legal doctrine was exceeded.

He also added that "hardly" the president of Congress could consider these formulas valid when some deputies used Basque "without providing the corresponding translation" and therefore without understanding exactly what they were saying.

Pastor has agreed that "in some cases", with some compliance formulas expressed yesterday, "the legal system has not been complied with" and the responsibility of the table is "to ensure compliance with the law and legal system."

As for yesterday's voting for the constitution of the Mesa, Pastor has considered that "it was quite embarrassing and quite incoherent."

He said that "first it was PSOE who wanted to put a sanitary cord to Vox and then ended up being the one who facilitated its entry into the table", while "Vox complained about the cordon" and "ended up putting it to Cs". "It's the world upside down," he said.

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