The BNG will abstain before the new extension of the state of alarm

The BNG has announced this Tuesday that, once “the conditions advanced by the central Executive” are known, their vote in the Congress of Deputies before the request for a new extension of the state of alarm will be abstention.

“The BNG is going to maintain the constructive attitude that it showed since the beginning of this health crisis, so it will not oppose the new extension of the necessary measures for the containment and control of the pandemic, although we cannot evaluate a line of action in which the Government persists despite being evidenced as profoundly wrong ”, detailed the nationalist training through a statement.

Thus, the BNG has referred to the “centralization process” caused by the declaration of the state of alarm, which involves “deciding everything from Madrid with uniform criteria without taking into account the characteristics and conditions of each country”, a practice “that it has shown as inadequate and ineffective when applying the operation in Galicia ”.

“If this centralization did not make sense in the escalation phase, much less in the de-escalation phase, that is why we reject the stubbornness of the Pedro Sánchez government to maintain it and increase the nonsense with the decision that the scope of management is the province”, has continued.

The nationalist formation understands that this decision “can only be understood by the desire to skip the competences of the autonomous communities”, since “from the practical point of view, at least in the case of Galicia, it is not functional”.

In this sense, the BNG has argued that the criteria of the central government “show an ignorance of the reality of Galicia, very different from that of other State territories”, since the community “has half the population centers of the entire State “as a result of a dispersed population” which means that municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants do not have a nucleus that approximates that number “.

“Within the same province, such as Pontevedra, the most populated urban city council coexists, such as Vigo, with 300,000 inhabitants, and other rural ones, such as Dozón, with 1,200, which cannot have the same treatment,” he added.

Thus, the nationalist formation has reiterated that the area of ​​management in the case of Galicia should be the region, “which responds to a highly perceptible geographic, economic and social relationship reality and, with certainty, much more appropriate than a province”.

“That is why we demand a rectification by the Government that passes through fully restoring the powers of the Galician administration so that, from there, we can draw up a Galician plan for progressive unconfunding adapted to the needs of our country and agreed by the political forces in Parliament “, has raised.

Likewise, the BNG has also highlighted “the need to draw up in Galicia an economic and social recovery plan” that allows “tackling the consequences of this crisis”, for which “our country” should have “capacity to be able to decide based on their own interests ”.


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