January 23, 2021

The BNG denounces that the Ferrol Naval School celebrated the sinking of a submarine of the “Red Squad” during the Civil War

The BNG deputy, Néstor Rego, has registered this Saturday an initiative in Congress to demand that the Ministry of Defense investigate the commemoration by the Ferrol Naval School of the sinking of a submarine of the “red squadron” in 1937, in full Civil War. The nationalist formation disseminates the image of an official document of the Sub-Directorate of the School of Specialties of the A Graña Naval Station, reports Europa Press. The document is dated January 1, 2021 and in the ephemeris section it describes what happened in Franco’s own language.

Defense sends messages from former Army commanders about executions to the Prosecutor's Office

Defense sends messages from former Army commanders about executions to the Prosecutor’s Office

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The text refers to the sinking of the republican submersible C-5 in the first days of 1937 and includes one of the hypotheses about what happened – that the person responsible for the submarine was caused – in the following way: “The submarine of the red squadron C-5, commanded by the heroic lieutenant Don José Lara y Dorda, who sank it when his daring plan to seize the ship and go with it to the national fleet failed. There were other cases in which the officers appeared to serve to the Reds, at great risk to their lives, skilfully and deceptively avoiding attacks on national ships. ”

Rego has drawn attention to the “language typical of the Civil War and Francoism” used in the text. Request a Defense investigation into the document. If confirmed, he has considered that it would be “a very serious event.” “It seems that the Spanish Army continues to operate on the political and ideological keys of the war and the Franco regime. It is the result of the so-called Transition and the lack of a democratic break with the dictatorship,” he added.

The BNG deputy recalled the letters that senior military officials in the reserve sent to King Felipe VI or the chats in which they spoke of shooting 26 million people. Faced with all these “undemocratic activities within the Army”, he asks the central executive for a “decisive action” to “investigate and purge responsibilities.” “Is the government going to act or is it going to continue to look the other way?” He asked.


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