The BNG asks to “block” Galicia and limit mobility in areas with imported cases

The national spokesperson and candidate for the presidency of the Xunta of the BNG, Ana Pontón, has asked this Saturday that the Galician territory be “shielded” to avoid “entries and exits” and that mobility is limited “in those places where it is producing a concentration of people from risk areas. “

This is what he said at a press conference offered at the BNG headquarters and broadcast via streaming after the first meeting of the coronavirus crisis monitoring commission created by the nationalist group.

“There is an upward trend in the number of infections, which makes it necessary to take forceful measures to stop its expansion,” continued Pontón, who stressed that “from experience, we know that the most important thing is to reduce mobility.”

The nationalist leader has stressed the important “concern” that exists in many villages in Galicia before the “phenomenon” of the arrival of a large number of people from areas with a high number of infections.


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